People Are Tweeting Out Stories Of Cops Being Useless After They Reported Robberies (31 Tweets)

Right now, people are discussing what it means to “defund the police.” This isn’t a new idea at all, actually; many activists have discussed what a world without police could look like for decades. In most cities, police forces take more of the city budget than most social services combined, and with much less to show for it.

But many people are struggling with the idea of who would do certain things in an emergency. For example, who do you call if you get robbed? Now, we call the police. And what do they do?

Podcaster Illy Bocean decided to do an informal Twitter open forum on what exactly even happens when someone is robbed and tries to call the police to report it or get help:

They shared their own story about a repeated robbery in their apartment complex and how ineffective the police were in addressing it:

And once they opened the floor, the stories came rolling in from other people who (for the most part) didn’t get much help with solving crimes from police officers at any point in their robbery process.

So, if the police aren’t doing anything about robberies, what are they doing? Maybe not anything they should be paid for.