People Are Sharing Stories About Seeing The Spirits Of Loved Ones Who Have Died (20 Tweets)

This may not be the post to determine the existence of an afterlife, but it is the post that might make you start wondering. While many religious people believe that there is for sure something more than what we see on this plane, plenty of others have had to question their understanding of reality after a loved one has passed. Because sometimes it seems like the spirit of that loved one comes back.

Twitter user @Vandalyzm tweeted a story about what could be a ghost, writing, “My daughter is currently giving my grandmother, her great grandmother a tour of my parents’ new home. My grandmother passed in 93.”

So great-grandma moved, too? It’s good to know that you won’t end up haunting whoever takes over your kid’s lease at the end of the year. The story is also very sweet, implying that even in the afterlife, we care about our family on earth. What’s really intriguing are all the replies from people with similar experiences—either they remember seeing someone’s spirit as a child or have encountered a child who seemed to know when a spirit was present. It’s like as children, they had more of an ability to see between worlds. That is both creepy and reassuring, and some of these stories are really great: