Student’s Viral Tweets About Getting Dropped From Her College Class Gets Her Roasted In The Comments

Being a college student can be an incredibly challenging journey. The demands of academic coursework, coupled with personal responsibilities and other commitments, often create a whirlwind of stress and overwhelming pressure. In such situations, students may find themselves struggling to meet deadlines and complete assignments on time.

Thankfully, there are occasions when a kind and understanding professor can provide a much-needed lifeline in the form of an assignment extension. This small act of compassion can make a world of difference, offering students the opportunity to navigate their educational path with a bit more ease and peace of mind.

BUT sometimes the student just kind of sucks and won’t get it together no matter how many chances they get. This is one of those times.

Twitter user @dxckiii gloated in a tweet celebrating the fact that her professor gave her an extension on the MULTIPLE assignments she failed to turn in. Honestly, I get that part. We’ve all fallen behind a bit and needed some help to catch up. But this story doesn’t end there.

She explains to her followers that she has to go over 1,800 pages of readings and listen to 12 hours worth of lectures from the past 4 weeks. With a week to get it done.

So this is what she followed up with…

So at this point you’d think, ok, not ideal, but you threw together something to turn in, right?

As you can imagine, this didn’t work out well for her. She eventually received a followup from her professor.

Naturally, she went back to the Twitter well to try and get some sympathy from her followers, but that’s when things turned on her.

People dragged her for being so clueless and lazy.

The extensions…all those extensions…

Everyone is Team Professor.

Can’t even write an essay 🤣

Hard working students do not like this thread.

She absolute refuses to just take the L, even though that is what is coming.

What are your thoughts on this? Was the professor too hard on her? Were the commenters? Or is this ridiculous behavior that should be openly mocked? Let us know your thought sin the comments.