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“What’s Your Most Surreal Celeb Encounter?”—A Viral Twitter Thread

TV writer Mark De Angelis probably has a fair number of opportunities to talk to celebrities.

Probably a lot of those encounters are banal—ultimately, most actors and musicians are just doing a job, unless they’re on Taylor Swift‘s level of fame.

But some are weird, either because of the encounter itself or because it was with a celebrity. De Angelis decided he wanted to know everyone’s surreal celebrity stories and shared one of his own about Kiefer Sutherland on Twitter.

That’s definitely a tame story about Sutherland, but probably a bizarre experience. And it seems like everyone has a strange story to tell regarding a celebrity, too, at least based on the number of responses. See if your favorite has been rubbing elbows with the masses:

1. Jamie Foxx

2. Benedict Cumberbatch

3. Princess Diana

4. Aretha Franklin

5. Scott Speedman

6. Rowen Atkinson

7. Dan Aykroyd

8. Fergie

9. Jodie Foster

10. Kevin Costner