This Tweet About Buying Notebooks You Don’t Need Sparked A Huge Conversation And Everyone Feels Attacked

Picture it. You’re in a tiny boutique store or a quirky coffee shop that also has a merch stand.

You’re idly browsing various tchotchkes and paperweights when you see them.

A whole shelf of small, leather-bound notebooks.

Your heart begins to beat a little faster as you pick one off the shelf.

Oh man, it has one of those stretchy elastic bands that keeps it shut tight and a silk ribbon to use as a bookmark for when you fill it with so many sketches and ideas that you couldn’t possibly find the page you’re looking for without marking it.

You flip it over. $9.95 US ($11.95 CAN). You’d belosing money if you didn’t buy it.

After all, this is the notebook that’ll house the premise for your award-winning screenplay or that song you’ve been thinking of.

Buy, buy, buy!

If what I described sounds a little too familiar, then Twitter user @TraceOddity has an important and succinct message for you.

First off, I only have four blank notebooks sitting on my shelf right now. (A fifth one has about 9 pages scribbled in) Secondly, tweet this directly at me next time.

Naturally, hundreds of fellow aspirational notebook users from around the globe were suddenly filled with a range of emotions that they needed to get off their chests.

One user scoffed at the low barrier of notebooks.

And another proved that there are certain notebooks that have to be owned, no matter what.

Also, sometimes it’s just a smart financial decision.

And we can’t just overlook the ones with label stickers included.

Maybe this notebook is the one that will unlock your creativity…

Or, it’ll unlock a lot of dust on your shelf. Either way…


h/t: Petty Mayonnaise