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People Are Sharing The Weird, Funny Truths About Sibling Relationships (24 Tweets)

No matter how big you get in this life, all it takes is a sibling to keep you humble. Your brothers and sisters see you in every stage of life, including the most vulnerable and embarrassing ones. They’re the people you grow up fighting with, colluding with, defending, and attacking. It’s a complicated relationship.

And yet Twitter user @5ive_zw summed it up in two sentences when they tweeted, “sibling relationships are weird. I can give you my kidney but I’m not getting you a glass of water.”

That’s right: you’ll sacrifice your life or health for your sibling, but when it comes to the petty stuff, they can get bent. Family relationships have a depth of love few others do, even as just the sound of your brother breathing too loud makes you want to scream. The tweet went viral because so many people knew that exact feeling, and had their own personal examples of how it goes down in their household. Some admitted to barely talking to their siblings. And yet, they’d be there in an emergency. It’s beautiful and hilarious.