19 People Share The Worst Movie Theater Experience They’ve Ever Had

Even in this age of ultra-personalized entertainment, the communal experience of seeing a movie in a darkened theater with a bunch of strangers is still something special. That is until something goes wrong. From sticky floors and noisy talkers, to power failures and fistfights—whenever you gather a large group of excited people together in a strange environment with no clear set of rules…things can happen. Annoying things. So naturally, we’ve collected some of people’s worst movie theater experiences for you below.

1. The Reader

2. The Back Seat Creep

3. The Tuck and Roll

4. The Protective Papa

5. The 3D Dork

6. The Noisy Neighbors

7. Just Ignore It…

8. So That’s Why The Floor Is Sticky

 9. Ouch

10. The Sleepy Gangster

11. The Baby From Hell

12. Damn. R.I.P.

13. Jesus These Are Getting Dark

14. The Careless Lovers

15. The Hot Mess

16. The Party Puker

17. The Professor

18. The Spoiler

19. Then of course there’s Abe Lincoln.


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