This Drama Between An Artist And A Restauranteur Who Smashed His Art Is Very Tasty

Every city has its own set of characters that everybody is familiar with. Small dramas can make for intense gossip fodder amongst the locals. The drama between artist Romero Britto and restaurant owner Madelyne Sanchez on Miami Beach has become so intense, even people not on Miami Beach know about it—and they want to know even more. Sanchez has finally submitted to an interview with Instagram account onlyindade.

But first, to set the scene, Sanchez operates Tapelia Spanish Cuisine, which isn’t too far from Romero Britto’s gallery, relatively speaking. The two were familiar with each other long before things blew up, according to Distractify, because Britto frequented Tapelia a lot. She says in her interview that she actually had a good relationship with him and found him to be a good patron.

Then one day he came in with a  group of friends and essentially asked the servers to shut down the restaurant for them. He was very rude and didn’t spend much money either. Not that this would be an excuse for being rude, but if you take over a restaurant you have to make it worth the effort of the staff.

So, how did Sanchez respond? She showed up at Britto’s gallery with a piece of his artwork. Some say she bought it at the scene, Britto alleged on Instagram long ago that she was gifted the piece. Either way, Britto was compensated for it in some fashion.

And then she smashed it:

An alternate angle:

The smash has now been heard around the world. Something about the clip that’s kind of funny to me is Britto’s expression. He almost looks like he’s enjoying himself in that moment, because it’s so wild:

But he probably wasn’t. In fact, later he posted that Sanchez endangered people in the gallery by smashing a heavy object made of porcelain at people’s feet, which is kinda true:

Some people are in favor of what Sanchez did, saying that bosses rarely stand up for their staff and they absolutely should:

And Sanchez defended herself in the interview, of course:


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This still seems like a big escalation if he has been nice every single other time he’s been in Tapelia. I’d prescribe that these two have a serious conversation before anything else gets smashed. On the other hand, then I never would have heard about them and that would be tragic.

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