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People Respond To Woman’s TikTok About Not Being Able To Visualize Images In Her Mind

A teenager on TikTok is blowing people’s minds after opening up a conversation about aphantasia, a condition where people are unable to visualize images in their mind. Never heard of it? You’re not alone.

While scientists have known about aphantasia since the late 1800s, not much research has gone into the phenomenon—though interest has been renewed over the last few years.

Ultimately, what this means is that a lot of people who have aphantasia don’t have the slightest clue, assuming instead that not being able to call up images at will is normal, and a shared experience among all humans.

But a viral TikTok video is opening people’s eyes. Hümeyra, a high school student from Germany, recently discovered that she is among those who have aphantasia.

“I just found out that some people can see images in their minds,” she says, somewhat stunned.

@huummiiiiWhich number could you see? For me its 1-3 ##fyp ##fy ##foryou ##foryoupage ##viral♬ original sound – huummiiii

Hümeyra then explained how to know if you have it, too.

While this isn’t an official scientific test, Hümeyra asks her viewers to close their eyes and imagine a red star.

All set? Great. “Now choose the number that best represents what did you see in your mind’s eye, from one to six.”

aphantasia, aphantasia tiktok
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“If you saw nothing, like [in box number] one, you have aphantasia,” she explains. “And the crazy thing is, some people can see six. Like, they can really see color.”

The video was shared across social media, stirring up conversations about aphantasia, and throwing some unsuspecting folks for a loop when they realized they likely have it, too.

And there was some confusion.

Understandable, considering people who haven’t been able to visually imagine things their entire lives may not understand the difference between what others see and what they don’t (and vice versa).

There was also a whole lot of sympathy for people who don’t imagine via images. Do you even daydream, bro?

So, can you imagine the star? Or do you close your eyes and see nothing but darkness?

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