Women With Big Boobs Are Turning Their Bras Into Coronavirus Face Masks

With face masks being in short supply during this coronavirus outbreak, overly cautious folks are being forced to come up with creative alternatives.

Due to a similarity in shape, one of the go-to options is turning out to be making a mask out of…a bra. Yep, there are really people out there trying to breathe through their boob holders, this is the level we’re at, world.

Okay…but do they work?

Considering health officials are already telling us we’re probably using our face masks wrong and not providing much, if any protection, it seems unlikely that bras would generally be any different.

But if there’s one thing the internet does in a time of crisis, it’s jumping on a new trend to redirect our energy and dull our fears.

Of course, while masks come in pretty standard sizes, when it comes to bras, it’s a far cry from one size fits all.

Women who wear a bigger cup size than the bras used to demonstrate this DIY mask material tried to get in on the craze and found it to be just a little bit more difficult than their smaller chested companions.


Whatever, if people want to walk around with bras covering their faces, let them. This is a weird time, and can probably only get weirder — time to lean in!

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