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Drive-Thru Workers Share The Weirdest Things They’ve Seen In A Customer’s Car

Working in customer service isn’t easy. From the long hours to working on holidays to dealing with annoying customers. But there are still definitely entertaining moments with customers because no matter how long you’ve worked in the service industry, you’ll always be surprised what weird stuff people can come up with. People who’ve worked at drive-thrus have an especially hard time with odd hours and dealing with the weirdest customers.

Over on Reddit, drive-thru workers are sharing the weirdest things they’ve seen in customers’ cars—from bizarre interactions to mysterious egg cartons. Here are the best.


Two guys naked on a bench seat. Driver made sure to tell me they weren’t gay.


Dude had a full-on sex doll dressed up in his passenger seat. Sunglasses, dress and even a hat. I couldn’t even tell it was fake until I asked for their order. A coworker and I looked at each other simultaneously and we both said “was that a sex doll?” This is in a “wealthy” area of my city as well so it was definitely a first.


My gym teacher, drunk. He started eating the tacos at the drive-through window. He was there for over 5 minutes, just eating. I saw him the next day in school, we both acted like nothing happened.


Only worked drive-through for a year but the weirdest thing I saw was an alpaca in a minivan. They asked at the window if they could order some apple slices for the alpaca. I just gave them two packs on the house.


A car pulls up, and all 4 people are just completely naked, just casually chilling.


Someone threw a fish at me once. Didn’t order anything, just a drive-by fish attack.


Had a customer come through with a giant grandfather clock in the back seat. The thing was so huge it was sticking out the side window, which just so happened to be on the left side of the car. Which meant dude couldn’t get close enough to the window to reach his food and had to step out, cursing the whole time.


Someone pulled a gun on my brother because the salsa containers weren’t completely full. You can get as many as you want for no extra charge.


I worked at a Tim Hortons and once saw an old lady with like 50 cartons of eggs in her car, I made a joke saying “looks like you could make your own breakfast” and she got real straight-faced and said, “oh honey those aren’t eggs”. Still have zero clue what else you would store in egg cartons…


I was working the drive-thru at Burger King in a snowstorm. Driver orders a coke with no ice. When I hand them the coke, they empty it a bit, break off a couple of icicles hanging from the car, put in the coke, and drive off without saying a word.