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Parents Share Spooky “Past Life” Stories Their Children Have Told (17 Stories)


“My 5yo boy has a lot of creepy past life utterings, but the most concerning was when he told me he was going to be replaced soon by a brown girl with long hair.” — devilsadvocado


“One of my preschool students: What do you want to do when you’re a kid again?

Me: Well grown ups don’t become kids again. We grow up and stay grown ups.

Her: Well I remember when I was a grown up and I drove a car! And now I’m a kid again!” — chocol8wasted


“I was at a nature show with my daughter, the kind where they bring animals out and tell the audience about them. This particular show was about wolves, and the handler was telling the audience why she did what she did with the wolves. My daughter, maybe 4 at the time, said ‘I used to do that.’ I asked her what she meant. She said, just as factually as a 4 year old could possibly be, that she used to train dogs and wolves before she died. She herself looked confused for a bit, as though this thought was surprising to her as well. I didn’t know what to say, so I said ‘well that’s interesting.’ She enjoyed the rest of the show and never spoke of it again.” — chilibreez


“When my son was about 3, he told us how he remembered being a helicopter pilot in Vietnam. This was in 1998.” — cubiclefarm


“When my brother was about 3 back in the 90s our family was sitting down for dinner and he randomly said ‘dad, remember when I lived in Spain?’ (We’re from the U.K.) and my dad humouring him said ‘yeah?’ And he continued that he lived in Spain before with his other family but he died when he was on a fishing trip with his dad and the last thing he remembers is his dads hand trying to reach him as he drowned. He also reeled off some Spanish names for his parents which there was no way he would of known those kind of names and he started to sort of meditate in his room from time to time. He eventually stopped talking about it as he got a little older and doesn’t remember anything about it anymore. Crazy to hear so many other people have similar experiences.” —DiddyKongRacingTho


“Apparently when I was really little, around 3 or so, I told my mom that this was my last time here, that I wasn’t going to come back.” — autumnmcawesome


“My daughter would refer to me as her ‘new mommy.’ Then, as her vocabulary increased, she said ‘You’re my new mommy, but it’s ok, I like you.’ Then one day, ‘You’re my new mommy. I had two brothers, but they all died, but it’s ok bc I like you.’ She never mentioned her ‘real’ family again. Last time she did she was was about 3 or 4 years old.” — _ItsTheLittleThings_

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