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Parents Share Spooky “Past Life” Stories Their Children Have Told (17 Stories)

Let’s face it: children can be creepy. Sometimes they will be happily playing with their blocks or Elmo or whatever and then suddenly turn to you and start talking about how their family is dead and they hate going to work.

The phenomenon of small children talking about what weirdly seems like a “past life” is kind of common, and it can be very unnerving to be the parent on the other end of “past life” conversation.

On Reddit, parents are sharing the spooky “past life” stories their children have told them.

Let’s just suspend disbelief for a moment because these stories are intense.


“My family and I were driving through the Kent countryside and my brother (about 3 at the time) announced: ‘Mummy, that was the field I died in once. I bayonet went through my tummy.’ I was 8 and remember wondering what a bayonet was EXACTLY at the same time my parents looked at each other and asked him HOW he knew what bayonet was?

He said he didn’t know and then became almost embarrassed and shy because of our collective reactions. There was no way he would have known about war or weapons as this was the early 90s and we didn’t watch TV much at all. I’m a complete skeptic but this creeps me out to this day.” — 16psyche88


“Not me but a friends little sister. The whole family was out for dinner at a restaurant in a skiing village which they recently bought a cottage near. My friends little sister as soon as they walked in said ‘I know this place. My mother and I used to paint here.’ To which her mother replied ‘We’ve never been here before, what do you mean?’ she replied with ‘No. My mother from before. We used to paint here all the time.’ The family was obviously a little freaked out but didn’t think much of it as she was pretty young and they figured just messing around.

Later on though, when talking to the waitress, the little girl again adamantly mentioned how she used to paint there and the waitress revealed that it in fact was an art studio for many years in the 1900s but had been converted sometime in the early 2000s into a restaurant. Needless to say the entire table, waitress included, got goosebumps and were at a loss for words.” — Cut-It-


“My grandma has a story from when my dad was 2-3 years old. He told her once that he was almost born before but was too sick and died and had to come back later. Turns out my grandma had at least 1 miscarriage before he was born that was likely due to birth defects caused by a medication she had been taking at the time.” — thattrekkie


“Not exactly the same thing, but my 5 year old daughter has been saying things like ‘when I look in mirrors there are a lot of people in here,’ and ‘why were so many people in my room last night?’ For like 2 years.” — Chappietime


“My daughter, when she was 3, used to talk about her imaginary friend all the time. Said he was big and fun, and spent a lot of time playing with her. One day I was scanning old photos and had a photo of my father on my desk and she said, ‘hey how did you get a photo if my friend?’ I instantly got shivers down my spine. My father died in the house ~15 years previously, and she played in a room that used to be his office. I cautiously asked her to tell me more about her friend, and without hesitating, she told me he talked funny. The chills stopped me dead in my tracks because dad was an Aussie who never lost his accent.” — nanakarobiyaoki


“My daughter talks about her ‘grandson’ all the time. I thought it was just an imaginary friend, but then a couple nights ago she came out of her room at bedtime absolutely sobbing and said ‘I’m sad because I miss my grandson. He lives in my old house in my old neighborhood.’ She has never lived anywhere other than this apartment.” — BillButtlicker21


“Our daughter who was 3 at the time on hearing a motorbike ‘I had one before I was little, it went woosh and then I had no legs and mummy and daddy had to help me but I didn’t want to so I went to sleep and now I’m too little.'” — Emryn_


“I was driving my family across the state to visit family. Some commercial on the radio about Vegas came on and I started singing ‘Vivaaaaaa Las Vegas’ in my best Elvis impersonation. My son was about 3-4 and he says ‘I don’t like Vegas. I lost my life and a lot of money there.’ His mom and I glanced at each other like ‘WTF?’ He never said anything else about it.” — Skyhornet


“My daughter is deathly afraid of fire because ‘the fire at school killed my sister and my other mom was really sad.’ When she started preschool at 3 they had a fire drill and she cried hysterically until it was over and she was convinced there was no fire- I had to go pick her up and on the way home she told me she’s glad they have fire drills so all of the kids don’t die like at her last school. I’m still freaked out.” — Efficient_Ease_4768


“When he was around 4, my grandson used to talk about his job at the ice factory. One day he was talking about his boss ‘Farvo’ and the day he quit. I asked him why he quit and he turned to me and quite passionately said ‘I’ll tell you why I quit! They made me work 15 days in a row without a break and I had enough of that!’ It was weird hearing all that righteous anger coming out of that little boy.” — mmartinez59