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30 Moms Share The Funniest Things Their Kids Have Said

You know the saying: kids say the darndest things. And thank goodness we have Twitter now so moms can share them all!

Please enjoy these goofy things kids have said and RIP to all the confidence they shredded.

1. @LizerReal’s four-year-old offers advice we can all use. Life IS more important than toilets, kiddo!

2. And haven’t we all thought to ourselves: time to put these away.

3. @MumInBits’ kids finally appreciated her cooking and gave her a real sense of pride. Good for her!

You know that thing when you forget the word for something very, very simple? Like grapes? or a watch? Don’t worry, you can add this to your vocabulary (thank you, children).



It’s also a real delight when a child knows that MORE IS BETTER from an early age, especially when talking about things like calories. Darn right, kid: get the most bang for your buck! And don’t settle for that MOM soup: get grandma’s.


8. Speaking of kids who know what they want to eat…

9. And more words of wisdom about animals…

10. @Pro_Worrier’s little girl has us …concerned for her mom. Can someone check on her?