Man’s “Lady Drawer” Stocked For “Frequent Guests” Sparks Twitter Debate

A Twitter user called @DaddyAllDay (lol) tweeted the contents of his “lady drawer”—which is a bedside drawer that contains all the things that a lady might need after a stay at his house (and in his bed). He’s got everything from a hairbrush to nail polish remover (two bottles? Really?!).


The real doozy? This guy’s also got tampons—which is some Big D*ck Energy, if we’re honest. Because, yes, people bleed and it’s NBD.

There is also a dildo, which, if one were to really think about it, seems suspicious. At first glance, this Daddy All Day fellow is awesome because he doesn’t care if the woman prefers his penis or a dildo — which, again, is BDE. But some Twitter users have nicknamed it the “community dildo,” which is unsanitary at best. Let’s hope it’s, er, thoroughly washed after every visit!?

Here’s what Twitter had to say about the Lady Drawer’s contents, like that amazing hairbrush:

…to which @DaddyAllDay responded transparently:

Of course, some people found the whole thing kind of questionable or creepy:

While others jokingly posted their own versions of lady/”fella” drawers:

What the hell is going on with the nail polish remover? Did the guy see it as a random product that seemed like it was for women and then just bought it twice?

Let’s just say, people were divided.

The thread also got some people thinking about their own tampon stocks and lady drawers:

Naturally, there was a contingent of folks wondering about the dildo and the pregnancy test:

What do you think? To dildo or not to dildo? To lady drawer or not to lady drawer?