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This Mansion Is Hiding A Secret Tiny Town In The Basement (8 Pics)

Everybody has a fantasy of what they would do if they were really super-rich. There are especially a lot of fantasies about the house you might live in: a castle, a treehouse, a yacht. Anything is possible! And maybe that’s why these rich people built and actual miniature town into the basement of their mansion. They could do whatever they wanted. 

Photos of the mansion listing was posted by Twitter user @victoriaxxviii, showing off the tiny fake town that seems to be built below.

Here’s the outside, which is definitely huge, but similar to stuff I’ve seen before:

And here’s the staircase leading down to a “cobblestone street.”

The town features a post office and the facade of a movie theater, with a ticket teller booth:

There’s an old-timey car, a few bikes, and what might be the exterior of a soda shop:

Okay, I have a lot of questions about this tiny town. My first one is that I want to know if there’s anything behind the facades. Did they pay people to sell them tickets and then go in to watch films in the tiny theater? Was there someone charged with picking up their mail from the post office? Did the soda shop sell egg creams? And is there enough road down there to make taking a bike a time-saving enterprise?

The tiny town had really caught people’s imaginations, maybe because it implies so much planning and vision, and we still don’t know what it’s for. Though some people have ideas:

The actual listing doesn’t have a clear explanation, but it’s implied that this is sort of a play area for kids, because there’s a room down there filled with toys. There’s also a billiard room down there, and apparently the car works.

Also, down one alley there’s a door labeled “Massage Parlor,” so I don’t know. Maybe it was a sex thing, too.

Whatever the reason this was built, it is making people much more interested in the dreams of the ultra-rich than they’ve been in a while:

Guess we all have to update our fantasies for when we hit it big.

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