People Are Sharing The Strangest Public Art Sculptures They’ve Ever Seen (30 Pics)

Art is subjective. What one person sees can be completely different than the artist’s intentions. However, sometimes it seems like people can sometimes agree on whether it’s good or bad.

Have you ever been wandering around a new town you aren’t familiar with and stumbled upon a statue or sculpture that confused you more than anything? It’s almost like the artist is trolling the city to see how long it will take for them to remove it. In the case of the following list, it seems like people agree these are some bad public art sculptures.

Here are some of the worst public art sculptures people shared online.

1. “this strange sculpture has popped up in a few places around Glasgow. very fitting graffiti”

2. “Proposed statue in my city. No one can agree on what it’s supposed to be/say.”

3. “Funny sculptures? this one’s kind of neat though. Stange Norway”

4. “Bad art installation at my community college. It took a trip across Colorado on top of an RV.”

5. “Has anyone posted the Scripps Turd in San Diego? Commissioned for $200k, it’s supposed to be an ocean wave.”

6. “My local tragic waste of $1,000,000 in Perth, Western Australia.”

7. “So my sister’s school had $4000 that they could basically spend on whatever. they choose this piece of ‘educational art'”

8. “I heard we’re doing shitty sculptures. This one at my university looks like he’s about to take a shit.”

9. “Since we’re posting strange art…”

10. “Dont know if this was poated here before but ive been seeing funny statues here a lot so”

11. “Whomever is approving all of this public art is clearly bananas.”

12. “some more shitty sculpture”

13. “The Wheel Turtle. Yes, made entirely out of wheels.”

14. “Jumping on the strange art sculpture theme for tonight . Oslo Norway”

15. “Shitty art: Downtown Palm Springs”

16. “Strange Art? Gherkins in Salzburg”

17. “Totally normal art installation, you say? here’s a baby’s head, Atocha Train Station, Madrid, Spain”

18. “Bad public art? Has anyone posted the Paris booty plug Christmas tree yet?”

19. “this one was called ‘one of the ugliest roundabout in France'”

20. “If we’re posting art here’s a seagull that pissed a lot of people off”

21. “Shitty art installation? Here’s a ‘Monster’ in a riverside park… scaring the heck out of joggers at night”

22. “Reddit is having a moment with strange art installations, so here’s my offering. Sydney, NSW.”

23. “The theme seems to be statues, this one’s from a roman town in Wales. wolf looks like he’s enjoying himself”

24. “The Dutch, good at many things. Statues not one of them.”

25. “Dodgy public art you say? Concrete Cows, Milton Keynes, England”

26. “weird art you say? Random gas station in East Texas”

27. “Art Installation Dublin, The Spike, €4,000,000”

28. “I hear we are doing weird art. How about this giant eyeball in downtown Dallas?”

29. “Shitty art installations? Leave it to Portland OR.”

30. “Since we’re posting shitty art this is the Pink Poop Gumby”

31. “My city’s shitty piece of art. Wellington, NZ. This is Quasi, and he is always watching you. Always.”

32. “Since we’re posting our local shitty art installations… here’s the one in my city! Half a mil”

h/t: r/funny