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People Are Sharing The Weird Solo Sex Acts They’ve Engaged In (15 Stories)

There’s a benefit to sex alone: nobody is there to judge you for any, we’ll say… unorthodox choices. You can experiment, explore and get to know your body better with no interruption. 

Reddit user Trxxi was curious about what kind of weird solo sex acts people were participating in behind closed doors, so they posted in the r/AskReddit subreddit:

“What’s the weirdest sex act you’ve ever done alone?”

The post became a hot topic, garnering 8006 comments and 25.8k upvotes within four hours. Thanks to Trxxi, we learned a lot about some Reddit users. A lot of them are more hilarious than actually weird. Below are some of the best. 


“Wanked it while riding a tandem bike home from a fetish party” – bikesexually


“Saw a thing in a hentai, decided to try it out, gave myself a UTI and thrush.

If you’re gonna f**k a bottle, make sure to sterilize it first” – NuttyDounuts14


“I once took a soup spoon up my bum (the handle) with some vaseline on. After I had to throw out the spoon. I just couldn’t look at it again the same way.” – Lichbingeking


“I wanted to make my own fleshlight so I took the tube out of a roll of toilet paper and dunked the tp into warm water. I then put my dick into this warm mass of wet toilet paper. It felt decent but made such a mess, and the post nut guilt was something else.” – PM_UR_MOMS_TITS


“I wrote a raunchy message to a girl on my phone but didn’t send it.

I aimed my erection at the phone and made a deal with my dick that if it could get hard enough to reach the Send button, the message would get on its way.” – NeatRevolution9636


“Tied my own legs to the bed posts behind my head but I tied them too tight so I had to cut myself out with a mechanical pencil on my nightstand. It took like 15 minutes.” – PleaseTreadOnMeDaddy


“I used a soft fishing lure as a dildo and lotion as lube. Got super freaked out after (I was really high and paranoid) so I called poison control thinking I was going to die from the chemicals on the lure lol” – BonoWantsTheBiddy


“I used a wooden sword as a dildo when I was a teenager” – greymagic


“PIV. Penis in vacuum. I was going through puberty.” – imherefromthefuture


“Either inserting a popsicle into my ass (because I have a fetish for inserting really cold things inside me, and I’ve done it with ice cubes before), orrrr squirting shampoo into my ass because I thought maybe it would feel like someone cumming inside me and, being a virgin at the time, I wanted to know what it was like.

It was nothing like someone cumming inside of me, and I would like to add that I do not recommend squirting shampoo anywhere inside of your body. Ever.” – FunctioningGay


“F**ked a cabbage” – W_ShakesPoor


“One time when I was like 11 my PS2 controller glitched out and it just…vibrated nonstop. That’s all I’ll say.” – fetchtheboltcutter


“Role played sex on a minecraft server” – wafflez11_76


“I’m so ashamed writing this… Lol

Younger me, (F), had one of those huge teddy bear stuffed animals. Like the giant people sized ones. Well, one day I was horny, and decided I was going to use duct tape, and tape down my dildo onto my stuffed bears “area”. I then proceeded to ride him to climax.

I’m so ashamed of this.. even to this day 😭” – WinnieThePooh1996


“Once when I was a young teen I wanted to know what my cum tasted like but licking it off my hand seemed gross so I jerked off into a Tostitos® Scoop and then ate it. It would take me years to realize that cum is both salty but not that salty.” – doitforthefap91

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