15 Of The Most Wholesome Jason Momoa Moments, Or ‘Momoments’, If You Will

Jason Momoa is an actor, model, and producer who has captured the hearts of fans all over the world with his rugged good looks, infectious personality, and undeniable talent. While he’s best known for his roles in blockbuster films like “Aquaman” and “Justice League,” there’s much more to Momoa than just his on-screen persona. In fact, he’s known for being one of the most down-to-earth and genuine celebrities in Hollywood.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the most wholesome Jason Momoa moments that show just how much he values his fans, his family, and the environment. From heartwarming interviews to random acts of kindness, these moments will make you love him even more. So, get ready to feel all warm and fuzzy inside as we dive into the world of Jason Momoa’s wholesome moments.

15 Of The Most Wholesome Jason Momoa Moments


Met [Jason Momoa] in a bar in Belfast when GoT was filming (think he was in the UK for Justice League press and came over to NI [Northern Ireland] for a drink with the cast). He sat at the table beside us with Kit Harrington, D&D, and Liam Cunningham and was a total gentleman. I told him I was a fan and he shook my hand, asked my name and if he could hug me (what sort of moron says no to a hug from Jason Momoa?). He had a bowler hat on and was not even slightly incognito but seemed happy to chat for a bit and was beyond friendly. — themushroombeast


I met him in an elevator at a con while I was in a wheelchair. He *insisted* on wheeling me in, wheeling me back out (even though my floor wasn’t his), and taking a picture with me. He was very sweet and very funny.

I’ve met several people since who have met him, and they all say nothing but great things about the guy. — ChaoticForkingGood


Jason Momoa… was lost as f*** in Atlanta (Dragon Con, woop woop), and I happened to be walking by as he was turning in place, trying to get his bearings. I was going to the same building, so I offered to walk him over. People assumed I was his handler and just left us alone. We had small talk the whole way and I was being super chill, not fangirling or anything.

When we get where we’re going, he thanks me and says, “I’m Jason by the way.” I say it’s nice to meet him, and we shake hands before parting. That dude is cool as hell. — Vishanti


Met Jason Momoa at a Q&A for his film Road to Paloma. I made a drawing for him and when he got offstage, my wife got his attention so I could talk to him. Firstly, he’s huge: 6’5″, 250 [pounds] of muscle. I’m 5’7″ so I had to crane my neck to talk to him. Secondly, he had a beer onstage during the Q&A so he smelled manly as hell.

Anyway, I asked him if he would adopt me as his younger brother and he laughed, then gave him the drawing to sweeten the pot. He looked at the drawing and said “awesome, f***ing awesome,” then pulled me in for a photo.

His hand enveloped my shoulder. I tried to put my arm around him but he’s so broad, it was like trying to grab a wall. Anyway, I got my photo and he made my year. — omelletepuddin

Here’s the photos:


[A]nd here’s one [of] me looking completely enamored as he looks at the drawing. No shame.


I met Jason Momoa in a hotel lobby. My wife had passed a few months before and I was just sitting in the lobby on a couch, crying and missing her. I was on the trip we had planned to take together. Jason saw me and came and sat next to me.

I told him my story and he started crying a bit too, then gave me a big hug. This was before he was really famous and I will never forget it. I hope someday I get the chance to say thank you for showing me that it’s okay to cry and that there really are truly good people in this world.  — crackhappy


Met Jason Momoa and he was lovely. I met him at Comic Con and I had gone as female Khal Drogo and he said I looked awesome and gave me a hug. That man had been meeting people for hours and over three days as well and he was lovely to everyone. He also looked at me, expecting me to say something back to him with a smile, but I just was like “THANKS” and ran away lmao. Had never been so starstruck. — hedaenerys


I was in F from LAX to IND about five years ago and a VERY large, friendly and greasy-haired golden-skinned man in a leather bowler-type hat boarded with another man. The other man plopped down next to me, and the giant asked if I’d switch with him so he could sit next to his friend. Of course, no problem, I said. Dude looked familiar but I couldn’t quite place him.

This man’s head stuck up inches from the seat back. His hands were the size of canned hams. A truly ginormous person. As the plane took off, he busied himself reading a pink-tinted script that he kept reading almost the entire flight.

Midway to Indianapolis, I figured out who he was and that since I let him have my seat, it would be okay to ask for a pic of the two of us. He was happy to oblige and flashed the shaka sign with his hand in the photo.

And that is how I met Jason Momoa on a plane while he was studying his Aquaman script. — SFPeaSoup


I’ve met Jason Momoa, Pedro Pascal, and Richard Madden at cons when they were making the rounds for GoT. I’ve got pics with each of them.

Jason Momoa was the best by far. Crazy good energy, stuck his head out before the pictures began and got us all riled up. My friend and her baby were ahead of us (baby was dressed as the Khaleesi) and he was super excited by her. Snatched her up so quick and took an extra moment with them. Plus, when the photographer rushed the pic, Jason made him retake it to ensure my friend got a good snap. We were next, and when we came into view he gave us this big ol’ grin and said “Get in here!” and immediately put his arms around us. Super cool dude. — mmkaytheniguess


When I was a kid, my mom and I met Jason Momoa when he was just starting out in his acting career on Baywatch. One of his cousins (or maybe siblings?) is married to one of my mom’s cousins and we met at a huge family party. I was too young to remember him but my mom does and she claims she “knew he would become famous one day!” — tealatteobsessed


When [Jason Momoa] visited my hometown, I met him at a local restaurant. He was really down to earth and extremely generous, especially with the amount of people trying to get to him. The sad part was he was just sitting at a table eating and keeping to himself until someone noticed him. He tried his best to greet everyone but ended up having to sneak out the back door eventually.

(I noticed him while he was eating but didn’t want to bother him. When we got up to leave I briefly stopped to say hi.) — Intelligent-Jelly419


It of all the celebrities I’ve met, I’d say John Cena and Jason Momoa were the kindest.

I met Jason at Megacon Orlando and he was so down to earth and humble. I made him a portrait of his wife that he absolutely went nuts over. He was as excited as a little kid, showing everybody in his crew. He wouldn’t let anyone put it with the rest of the fan gifts; he wanted it with his personal effects. He asked me if he could take a picture of me holding it to send to Lisa. He was joking with me about the custom-made fan shirt I had on that I designed.

Finally, a couple of hours later at the photo opportunity, I tripped over and caught myself on the only solid surface in the area, him… grabbing him right by the a** in the process. I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life! I almost fainted from an anxiety attack over that idiot move. He laughed it off and gave me a big hug because it really was just an accident. I had just gotten out of a cast for a fractured ankle and all the standing in line (six hours) was just too much and my ankle picked the worst time to nope out.

He asked one of the attendants to walk me out of the photo booth area back to the rented scooter I had. Megacon wouldn’t let anyone have a scooter or wheelchair in line. They also wouldn’t allow anyone to take his picture so he went down the line grabbing people’s phones and taking selfies with them, circumventing the rules. He also pulled little kids out of the line and put them up front so they didn’t have to wait so long. — ravenwolven


Met him at a con a few years back and no matter how good-looking you think he is, you underestimate it. The screen just doesn’t do him justice. The man has a real presence that’s about more than his height and dear God, his smile and laugh. Having that smile and laugh directed at you is just… I know that at cons, the guests are just doing a job and that as soon as I walk away, they’ll have forgotten me entirely. Even knowing this, I spent about two months buzzing over making him laugh. — Yanigan


I worked in a high-end store in NYC.

Jason Momoa: probably my favorite [celebrity] to interact with. Just a giant frat bro, dude. Once came in to show me a pair of vintage dog tags he picked up where the guy’s last name was “Boner.” — a Redditor


I’ve worked in celeb services for several large events and I’ve met a ton. One of the funniest was Jason Momoa who showed up to a photoshoot with his cousin/personal trainer and played Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” on a boom box that he brought with him on a loop for the full three-hour session. — MrMuttBunch


Kind of met Jason Momoa at the gym. I grabbed some weight off his squat rack when he and his friend jumped around and said, “Whoa, I thought you were Aaron Rogers!” Seemed kind and kinda kept it low key. — DateMikeAdvice