Man Gets Mad There’s A Toddler At The Coffee Shop Because He’s Using It As An Office, So The Mom Calls Him Out

Even though people are returning to the office, working remotely is here to stay. So, obviously if you go to a cafe there will be a few people there with laptops clacking away. But that doesn’t make it an office.

Recently, a mom vented about an instance that made her angry. The following story gets into the details, but basically a guy who was working in a public place got mad about the public being there. He acted more like a child than the child did in my opinion.

Read on for yourself.

The mother added an additional comment explaining where she’s coming from.

People were mostly supportive of her in the comments.

And others had a different take on the situation.

What are your thoughts on this? Is the mother overreacting? Should you be able to be a passive aggressive little baby man when a child acts like a child in a public place? I guess I’m biased…