30 Strippers Share Their Wildest Secrets And Stories From Their Jobs

Did You Know: According to a study from the University of Leeds in the U.K., the average salary for a full-time stripper is around $74,000.



The thing that first comes to mind is the time my friend was climbing the pole when it fell straight out of the ceiling. It fell like a tree and the bitch rode that thing right up until the second it was about the hit the side of the stage, then jumped off, landed cleanly on her seven-inch stilettos and stomped back to the dressing room like she hadn’t just almost broken her neck.

They put the damn pole back up and girls were back on it within like an hour! Not me, though. I left and still don’t trust that thing. —RusskayaRobot


There’s a very sweet older man who is a regular at my club. He’s never gropey and always tips in 20s. His only request is to lick and suck in the bottom of our shoes. I can’t see the harm in it, but it grosses some girls out. I guess so long as he’s paying, he can shine my shoes alll day lol.—purlpurple14



When I was a stripper, a customer “visiting from Canada” bought a lap dance and while we were back there, he tried to talk me into going to his hotel to give him a hand job for $200. I declined multiple times, he took the hint, and also came in his pants during the lap dance. He leaves, life goes on.

Eight years later I’m a hairdresser in the suburbs and who the fuck walks in? Hand job guy. I was the only one available and I’m a professional so I didn’t say anything. He mentioned I looked familiar, and halfway through it seemed to dawn on him because he suddenly got quiet, paid, literally ran out, and never came back lol. —chinchillerino


The employee-only Christmas party they would bring in male strippers for the girls and have an open bar. 50+ drunk and horny strippers is a really crazy thing. Craziest thing I saw was 5 girls in the dressing room one year eating each other out in a circle. —Graym



“Straight women at bachelorette parties or on a girls’ night out were the WORST customers, and we all dreaded them. They always thought they were entitled to get in for free because they were women and we were female dancers (which doesn’t make sense, since they’re not the main attraction here; nor will the club make money off of them).

They’d often get catty toward the dancers and women waiting tables and say things like, ‘I’m so much hotter than her!’ They’d also expect free drinks simply because they were ‘a group of hot girls.’ On top of all of that, they were consistently terrible tippers.” —Anonymous, BuzzFeed Community


I was going to use a throwaway, but f—k it. I was a stripper in my 20s for a couple of years. The absolute most memorable thing was when everyone working at the club dropped acid, save for I think one or two girls.

The bouncer, the DJ, the stage guy, the housemom, the door guy, and about 10-15 girls were just high af for the whole night, and it was so hilarious and great. It was a very slow night (I’m thinking dead of winter on a Tuesday, or something), and I guess we all just said, “f—k it” and all took a hit. Can’t remember who brought it.

At one point I remember feeling really paranoid that I’d be found out, and then realizing that:

I’m a stripper And

Literally nobody cared that I was high.

That was so liberating. It was a night of naked girls goofing off on stage, awesome and weird music we normally weren’t allowed to play (our club banned rap at the time), trying on allll the costumes, and just a general blast. Nobody made money. We didn’t even try. It was one of the most memorable trips I have ever had. —jay_emdee


The main thing that I found interesting is that being hot isn’t the main thing that will determine success.

The girls that make the best money are the girls with strong personalities, that will create a connection that will make the customer want to pay to stay in the moment.

Also the amount of money that some people spend. We have several customers that will spend anywhere between $5000 and $15000 a night on dances alone, and do this multiple nights every week. —ReturnoftheKlown



Had a guy wander in one night, seemed pretty normal, I was chatting to him at the bar and he turned around to look at the stage and he had this MASSIVE bloody gash down the back of his head, turns out he’d been hit by a car, woke up on the side of the road with no memory and wandered into the club for a drink, autopilot does weird things to people. —agirlhas_no_name


“Occasionally we get random gift bags at the club from nice Christians who are ‘praying for [our] souls.'” —Anonymous, BuzzFeed Community



Essentially, this dude paid for the full VIP treatment (room and all that). But 4 minutes in or so, he wanted to show his dogs. He spent the entire rest of the time showing her his dogs and videos of them playing. She asked him why he spent his money for the full VIP treatment just to show dogs.

He said “Oh, I just wanted to show my dogs to someone, but couldn’t find another way.” —BattingElk5713


I pay the club every night that I go into work. It varies between cities, it can be as low as $10 or as high as $100, but is usually somewhere in the middle —get2twerk


Former stripper here, I once had a guy pay for and hour in the private room, we just sat and spoke most of the time, he told me about his son who had a disability, about his wife being a full time carer for their son and her mother then out of nowhere he offers me $500 to dig my heels into his testicles.

Another one who was a regular was a guy who liked to draw, he would always come in with a tiny scrap of paper and would sketch me, he was a really nice guy who taught me a lot about art and how to see the beauty in different things.



Not a stripper, but I did work in a strip club as a bouncer, which provided me a great story involving one of the girls…

Her name was Robot, totally cool chick which had quite a following with the locals. In particular one regular of hers would come in once a week, without missing a single week, and get the same private dance from the same girl (Robot). During his private dance, the man, who was a big fellow, weighing about 350+, would ask her to take her stiletto heels and put them down his throat followed by a splash of creamer in his face. He paid her $400 each time. –CLHowlan


The most mind-blowing thing to me is that the pole rotates! It basically acts like the center “pole” part of a merry-go-round. The girls aren’t spinning around the pole but they are holding on and the pole is spinning. —laceabase


“I danced for years and years. So many people think strippers are broken, damaged, or drug addicts, but I didn’t see any of that. I loved dancing and loved the money — it literally paid for my first house. I was the only one in my friend group who actually owned my own home by the time we were 21.” —Anonymous, BuzzFeed Community



“In my experience, the older dancers always make the most money at the club. It drives younger dancers absolutely wild.” —Anonymous, BuzzFeed Community