Older Women Share Things Younger Females Are Doing That They Just Don’t Understand

In the realm of generational differences, the contrasting perspectives between older and younger individuals often spark intriguing conversations. With each passing generation, societal norms, technology, and cultural shifts bring forth new behaviors and attitudes that can sometimes leave older generations puzzled. 

In a recent reddit post, someone asked: Older women of reddit, what is something young women are doing that puzzles you? Here some of the best answers.


“Crying on the internet. I’m talking full-on snot-bubble crying. Maybe it’s my childhood trauma talking, but I can’t fathom having an awful thing happen to me and then taking out my phone to tell my ‘followers’ about it. I just bury it deep and slap on a smile like my mom taught me to do.” – u/FreshJuice60


Buccal fat removal. It’s gotten popular, but it’s permanent, which means your body will never make more of it. Buccal fat removal ages the face immediately, which isn’t a problem for most women in their 20s, but as they actually do age, there is a high likelihood that they will need to constantly get fillers for the rest of their lives to combat the side effects of significant premature aging.” – u/NinaNeptune318


“They are SO good at makeup. I don’t know if it’s because they have better products, the availability of tutorial videos, or both, but they all look amazing. Meanwhile, women of my generation were walking around with orange faces and smudged eyeliner. I’m a little jealous!” – u/SnooPeripherals5969


“Blasting pictures of their young children all over social media to their thousand or so followers.” – u/assylemdivas


“Letting everyone on the internet know exactly where you are at all times. Everyone knows everyone else’s schedule these days thanks to social media. It seems a bit nuts…” – u/Konebred


“Big, fluffy false eyelashes. I tried it once and I felt as if I had caterpillars on my eyelids. They had to come off right away. I don’t know how young women stand it, but I admire their skill. You do you, sweet children! It’s just not for me.” – u/katie-kaboom


“Taking pictures of yourself all the time doing mundane activities. Even as a younger person, I can’t imagine doing this.” – u/Ok_Wolverine9344


“The overdone lip filler injections. I can’t wait for this trend to die.” – u/chubbybarbie81


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“All the photos they take making the same ‘sexy’ face and poses. I still can’t wrap my head around this. Back when I was younger, you’d be teased if someone even caught you checking yourself out in a window reflection. I just find it weird that women will now make a sexy pose to a camera that they’re holding themselves!” – u/Citrine_Bee


“Announcing their travel plans. There are so many people who travel often and feel the need to post every time they are at the airport, like, ‘Heading out to _________!’ Okay, cool, now everybody who has access to your social media account knows that your house is empty.” – u/onamonapizza


“I cringe when I hear young women say they don’t want to go to college or work. Their entire life plan is to marry rich and live off a man. Every woman should make sure she completes college, has a career, and makes a life for yourself. Always be able to support yourself and not be trapped.” – u/lafcrna


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“Tracking one another’s locations. I teach high school math, and my students have tracking apps so they can see exactly where their friends are at all times. I think it’s weird as hell. Someone was absent, and when I asked, ‘Where is Martha?’ to nobody in particular, her friend in class pulled out her phone and replied, “Oh, she should be here soon. She’s in the bathroom.’ I find it incredibly creepy, but they have no issue with it.” – u/Philyphreak3


“Today’s wedding trends. Why the need for five parties, two wedding dresses, B and C guest lists, and so many other demands just to get married? Like, just get married. It’s not that complicated. Save the money (and, more importantly, your guests’ and bridal party’s money) for something that will actually mean something, like a down payment on a home. Spare yourself the time and stress of going overboard to follow the new cultural norms.” – u/indil47


“I am bewildered by women who do not prioritize the ability to support themselves.” – u/Joey690


“Van life and the whole ‘glamour’ around it. That whole Look at me sipping my coffee sitting in the back of my van in front of the sunrise act is way overrated and very, very fake. Van life or camper life can be fun and a great adventure at times, but it comes with a lot of work, expense, and risk that young people these days leave out of the narrative.” – u/Just_another_Sue


“All of the focus on their social media appearance. The lighting, the posing…it’s all for likes. I worry that a lot of young women are too aware of their social media standing and appearance, and they’re forgetting to find and love themselves for who they are.” – u/punnymama


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“Wearing comfy shoes like sneakers to the club instead of heels. I’m certainly not mad at it. I’m just mad I never did that!” – u/RemoteTowel7152


“Sending nudes to men they’re not dating and ‘talking’ to guys. Just go on a few dates and decide if you want a relationship, for goodness’ sake. All this ‘We’ve been talking for a few months now’ is weird to me.” – u/Ieatclowns


“My mom cannot get over the bachelorette parties that are considered normal for my generation. Many of my friends have had bachelorette parties that call for a long weekend away, a flight, a hotel, and lots of expenses. My mom constantly comments on how untenable the trend has become. She always tells me that back when she was getting married, a bachelorette party meant one fun night out in your hometown or city. At this point, it’s just what I’m accustomed to, but in her opinion, bachelorette weekends have gotten out of control.” – Hannah Loewentheil


“I am actually amazed by young women’s self-confidence these days. So many of the amazing young adults I meet through my kids just scream confidence. I still feel insecure at 50. Maybe it’s because they’ve always been online listening to everyone’s opinions and they had to learn just not to care. They are straight-up fierce.” – u/No-Fishing5325


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“I so often see young girls living through Snapchat and other apps, vehemently photographing themselves and everything around them. To me, it seems as if they care so much about how they portray themselves online toward others that they don’t get to enjoy actual experiences.” – u/Flikketeer


“Having children with men who are basically children themselves. If you’re living with a guy and he doesn’t do a genuine 50% of the housework, it will be exponentially worse when you have a baby.” – u/JaniePage


“Getting Botox in their early 20s. There’s nothing there. What wrinkles are you trying to fix?!” – u/deliriousgoomba