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Woman Quit Her Job Because The “Vibes Were Off” And Sparks Twitter Debate On The Etiquette Of Quitting

The professional “standard” for quitting a job is leaving a 2-weeks notice. That seems to be the widely agreed-upon amount of time acceptable by employers.

Things don’t always go that way, though. In many cases, the employer responds by firing you on the spot after giving 2-weeks notice.

I’ve been fortunate enough to never have to quit a job after only one meeting, but a recent Twitter debate started after the popular antiwork account @fuckyouiquit shared a tweet by @jollier_raptor which explained that a new hire quit their job after only one meeting because “the vibes were off.”

It seems like she may have had a pretty bad feeling about the work environment to quit so quickly, but what would you rather her do as the employer?

Work there for years hating every moment of it, then resigning with 2 weeks’ notice? It’s probably better to find out sooner than later, or at least, try to understand why the workplace was such a turn off.

The tweet inspired some passionate responses:

Many also shared their own proud moments of leaving a horrible job:

We may never know why the vibes were off, but as someone pointed out, her former boss’ Twitter feed, may give some explanation.