Yes, This COVID Helmet Is Real, And Yes The Internet Is Confused (22 Tweets)

It’s hard to get people to even wear a mask, so the makers of the MicroClimate Air are really taking a  gamble with their new product.

The washable helmet freshens incoming and outgoing air with a HEPA filter and fans that keep it from fogging up. They also cost $199, meaning that fresh, coronavirus free air is available…to rich people with money.

The helmet seems to be advertised towards business guys who need to take business flights to business Ubers and business meetings in business buildings.

The helmet only has four hours of battery life, though, so that requires quite a lot of planning. You have to be someone important enough to hire an assistant who can schedule your helmet recharges throughout the day.

Pretty much just the kind of people with disposable income who don’t care about looking totally stupid.

Like these guys:

Businessman wear helmet with suitcase:

Businessman on important space mission to upper management offices:

Noble businessman:

Businessman of mystery:

Businessman calling things “wearables” because you wear them:

I shouldn’t make fun of them, actually, because this helmet might be one of the best ways to keep coronavirus out of your mouth and eyes that doesn’t involve a full hazmat suit. We may soon all be wearing them as a more affordable version of the MicroClimate Air becomes mandatory in a never-ending pandemic paired with unending environmental disasters poisoning the air. Maybe the reason I and many others are reacting so viscerally to this helmet is that we realize that it might soon become way too normal to wear one. 

Until then, people are psyched to make fun of it:

But what do you do if you need to scratch your face? Or you sneeze in there? Or barf? Okay, never mind. I now think that it would be far easier to just deal with the Macro Climate and stop murdering the planet so we can all breathe clean air for free. If that makes me a radical, so be it.

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