21 Kinda Bonkers Facts You Probably Never Knew About The Female Body

The female body is a wondrous thing.

Aside from the miracle that allows us to grow an entire human being, there are tons of other mind-blowing traits most people don’t know about.

For instance, women’s hearts beat faster than men’s and we can hear and taste better. Pretty cool, right?

These are just a few of the many impressive facts we’ve discovered about the female anatomy, see for yourself.

1. Women have two brain centers responsible for speech, which allows for better hearing than men.


2. Female muscles contain more elastin, making them more flexible.


3. Women are born with about 300,000 egg cells.

4. Women are proven to have a stronger sense of smell which becomes even stronger during ovulation.


5. The clitoris grows with age—up to 2.5 times larger than it was during teen years.


6. Studies have shown women feel more pain than men.

7. The average woman has about 450 periods in her lifetime.


8. Stress can make a woman less fertile.

9. Women use both sides of their brain more often than men do.


10. The vagina is very acidic, averaging around 4.5 on the pH scale.

11. In rare cases, women can be born with two uteruses.

12. The clitoris contains 8,000 nerve endings—double the nerve endings in the glands of a penis.


13. Thanks to their hormones, women have stronger immune systems.

14. The female heart is programmed to beat faster than a male heart.


15. Estrogen levels can cause women to blink more often than men.

16. Bras discourage the growth of supporting breast tissue.


17. Women tend to be more rational than men, yes really.

18. Females have more tastebuds on their tongue than males do.


19. One breast is always larger than the other—no woman has naturally equal-sized breasts.

20. On average, women tend to crave sex more during the summer.

21. Women are proven to live longer. By 3.7 years.


More fun facts: