This Mind-Blowing Math Equation Will Have You Second Guessing How You Order Pizza

Let’s face it—we all love pizza. Hot, cold, big, small, we love us some pizza. When we’re ordering pizza, like when we’re doing anything that involves spending money, we’re looking to get the biggest bang for our buck. Like, if I’m going to order a pizza for $20, I want to get all $20 worth. But, are we always getting the best deal? Apparently, for years, we haven’t been according to one Twitter account and their math equation.

Account @fermatslibrary shared what they called a “counterintuitive fact” stating that one 18-inch pizza is, in fact, more pizza than two 12-inch pizzas. When you’re ordering two 12-inch pizzas, you assume it’ll equal to 24-inches of pizza, which is more than 18-inches of pizza. But, in reality, the complete area of said pizzas add up to the 18-inch pie having a greater surface area than the two 12-inches combined. Following?

Here’s a nice visual to paint a picture for you.

Mind-blown, right? All of these years, I’ve been thinking I’m getting more pizza, when in reality, I could save money and get more pizza. THE AUDACITY. Twitter, of course, was floored at this.

Even DiGiorno got in on the math lesson.

Not a bad lesson for a gloomy Monday—always trust your algebra teachers, guys, they could save you money (and get you more pizza).