This Online Group Is Where People Lament About The Mildly Infuriating Things In Life (50+ Pics)

It’s easy to send me into a rage these days. Unfortunately, my only hobby is reading the news.

If my personal existence weren’t infuriating enough, certainly finding out what’s going on in the world right now will do the trick. Sometimes, though, the internet shows you a photo that’s ever so slightly wrong that it sticks in your brain forever.

Luckily, Reddit catches these photos and compiles a whole beautiful/terrible forum of “mildly infuriating” posts. Honestly, if you are a perfectionist, this will be a horror show.

If, however, you just love to see photographic evidence of someone else dealing with something frustrating, get ready to laugh. These photos are going to put you in the right space.

Here are the best mildly infuriating photos I had time to find this month:

1. Chemo meds came as individual pills.

2. Daughter did a TikTok challenge where she microwaved a Starburst candy.

3. This woman let her dog eat the food left out for a stray.

4. Two years living there, and he just noticed this.

5. My head hurts reading this.

6. My girlfriend’s kitchen knife looks like this.

7. Ordered meter sticks from Amazon and they were sent like this.

8. It says “looks real!”

9. Someone’s been using the basket on my bike as a trash bin.

10. When you lay down in bed and this happens.

11. Don’t offer an alternative. Just shame the customer.

12. No one writes like this.

13. Tip and also learn how to order.

14. When the belt just misses.

15. Perfectly good school lunches thrown out.

16. My husband cut a pizza like this. Do I divorce him?

17. Why is the “Brown” darker than “Dark Brown”?

18. My wife refuses to finish a Coke before starting a new one.

19. What a name.

20. Pay to unlock a new feature: addition.

21. Stop this.

22. Amazon, no one wants you here.

23. Aggravating.

24. Someone at the store put the bar code directly on the cheese.

25. Why not just print the hours?

26. The Alphabet we all know and love.

27. I hate this.

28. The end of a relaxing day.

29. Eating as a famous person.

30. Someone shoved a mask in the vent on this public bus.

31. My roommate throws out our dishes instead of washing them.

32. My wife puts the dog food right next to the coffee beans. Guess what I did at 5 AM this morning.

33. The worst pour in history.

34. None of them match.

35. A special sub that only came with a pickle and lettuce.

36. Spikes on bench so you can’t sit down.

37. Every time you make them.

38. My OCD meds.

39. Someone broke into my car to steal my USB charger.

40. Don’t leave park benches like this.

41. Why would you rate it then?

42. It looks like they’re cleaning it up.

43. The Penny burn.

44. No thank you.

45. This used to be a water fountain.

46. My wife cuts bananas in half and then puts them right back on this thing.

47. Pick one!

48. Just eat around it.

49. Stranger Things messed up.

50. My sister lost her iPods a month ago, then finally found them here.



Reddit: r/mildlyinfuriating

Dan Wilbur

Dan is a author, blogger and stand-up comedian.