When She Caught Her Dad Watching Her OnlyFans, She Didn’t Think Things Could Get Worse — They Did

Elly Mae Baker, a 34-year-old mother from Australia, became an OnlyFans model to help support her children. But after becoming a creator on the salacious service, she made an unsettling discovery: her own father was one of her subscribers.

As if that wasn’t mortifying enough, things only got worse from there.

“What father would want to watch his daughter’s racy OnlyFans videos?”

“It was my dad, although I hate calling him that now,” she told Kidspot, “because what father would want to watch his daughter’s racy OnlyFans videos?”

Tensions escalated when Baker’s father, disapproving of her new hustle, threatened to show the videos to her children.

“I never got a chance to tell my dad personally that I joined the platform,” she said. “He actually found out from another family member before I had a chance to tell him myself.”

She continued: “When he started to distance himself, I thought it would be a good idea to reach out to him and explain my side.

But after texting him, I heard nothing, just silence.”

Baker’s father breaks his silence

A few months ago, the model’s father finally sent his reply.

“He was dumping everything on me, putting me down, calling me these horrible names like gutter trash and a slut,” she says.

“But it wasn’t until I read the part where he described my content and the things I was doing to myself in those videos that rocked my world. It absolutely tore me apart.

“When he was describing the graphic details, I realized he had actually viewed multiple videos. There is no way he could know the intimate things I had done in those specific videos without seeing them.”

“I suspect he either subscribed himself or someone else signed up and showed him. I could never pinpoint exactly which subscriber he was. But I believe he or another family member used a fake username, so I wouldn’t know if it was them.”

“It’s crossing the line on so many levels and is absolutely disturbing”

Baker opened up about her father’s breach of privacy and the threats he made to involve her kids.

“When I read his text message saying he will make sure he shows both my children what I get up to while they’re not around or sleeping, made feel physically ill. I was so angry that my own dad felt that he had the right to involve my children,” she says. “Not only tell them, but he said he would show them the videos too.”

“But I’m a good mom. I never film content when the kids are around and always make parenting and my time with them the main priority.

“It’s crossing the line on so many levels and is absolutely disturbing. It’s disgusting how cruel he has turned out to be and the way he thinks it’s his duty to tell or show my kids what I do to make money to support us. As my kids’ mom, that’s my responsibility, not his.”

Baker made her OnlyFans account to support her kids

Baker shared: “I signed up to OnlyFans as I had been watching on the sideline for a while and was looking for something to help support my family financially. I knew OnlyFans would give me the opportunity to be at home with the kids when needed, to be there for school drop-offs and pickups, and give me flexible hours to be more active in their lives.”

After weighing the options, Baker had decided to tell some family members about her new means of income, including her mother. Baker’s mother has been overall supportive of the endeavor, saying it’s just another way to make some money.

“If your adult relative is happy, safe, and healthy doing something to support themselves or their family, whether it be OnlyFans or something else, let them, support them,” Baker says. “They aren’t hurting anyone, and they aren’t doing anything illegal. I am not a criminal for wanting to support my children.”

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