21 Photos That’ll Make You *NEVER* Want To Use A Toilet Again

A toilet should be a safe place. Other than the shower, it’s where you’re most vulnerable. So, when you’ve got a deuce on deck and your only option is one of these living nightmares, it can be a little traumatizing. 

1. This toilet full of frogs after a flood.

2. This furry little poop neighbor. 

3. This fear of every woman I’ve ever met.

4. This is supposed to go above the bedroom, not the bathroom.

5. This do-it-yourself toilet seat.

6. This toilet after all-you-can-eat vegan brunch.


8. This urinal looks shocked by that toilet pairing. 

9. This is not being used correctly.

10. This lil guy looking for nuts. 

11. And this lil guy signing off for the day.

12. This…this…you know what I’ve made out with worse.

13. This transparent bathroom stall.

14. This triggered my fight or flight response.

15. This emotional support toilet. 

16. This toilet next to an elevator on the turd floor.

17. This toilet at Stretch Armstrong’s house.

18. This toilet for if you can’t quite make it to the upstairs bathroom. 

19. This toilet designed to literally scare the sh*t out of you.

20. This guy looks like he could use a good dump.

21. And finally, this toilet designed to catch a few rays while you go.

h/t: BuzzFeed