People Are Arguing Over Whether You Need To Wash Your Legs In The Shower

On May 9, a man named Conor Arpwel tweeted a poll asking if people washed their legs when they took showers. The poll in the tweet still has four days left for people to vote, but already over a quarter of a million people have responded (and just over 80 percent of them are “yes”). People feel strongly about leg-washing, clearly. 

Twitter: @arpwel

Who would have thought that a tweet about washing your legs would have gotten so much attention? Actually, scratch that—it totally makes sense that something having to do with personal hygiene and shower habits would be a hot-button issue on Twitter. Recently Twitter became heavily involved in a debate about the order in which people put on clothing each day, and that, too, became a highly debated topic. 

This is also, if you watched the excellent TV show, You’re the Worst, something that came up in one of the earlier episodes and became a running joke later. Look, some people just don’t wash their legs in the shower. That may never have occurred to you, but it’s time to give it some thought.

Arpwel volunteered that he, himself, does wash his legs, but he’s just realized that many people don’t. 

And the people who answered no explained why not. A lot said their legs just don’t get very dirty.

People figured that if they washed their top halves, the soap sorta just ran down and did its job on the way to swirling down the drain.

Some people volunteered that they only showered once or twice a week, a position that received a lot of consternation. 

One woman admitted that she’d probably shower more if she exercised more, but as it is, she’s not doing a whole lot of sweating. 

And another person said they thought it was bad for the skin to be over-washing areas that don’t produce sweat.

Another person included a bit of a clipping that actually says you don’t need to wash your legs!

And then there are the forgetful showerers, who have no sort of real plan and just go through it in a daze.

But when it comes to the yeses, they are ADAMANT that it is crucial that legs be properly cleaned with soap and water (and possibly a sponge or washcloth of some type). 

Some people were grossed out by the idea of people not washing their feet, but hey, no one said anything about not washing their FEET. That’s a whole ‘nother can of worms. Feet are stinky, they produce a lot of sweat, there are many reasons to wash your feet. 

Twitter users just could not comprehend not washing their legs. 

And, of course, many jokes were made. 

The debate got so huge Arpwel became slightly overwhelmed.

But he did share some research findings.

So, which bathing camp are you? 

h/t: Twitter: @arpwel, Indy100