This Pickle And Peanut Butter Sandwich Has Started An Internet War

Thanks to the internet, people have access to so many recipes that they might never have seen before. It’s a wonderful resource for learning about new ways to prepare food and it lets us connect with other people who share our tastes. The internet is also a place for strong opinions and vicious verbal battles between people who don’t agree about food. Never has this been more clear than when it comes to the truly divisive issue of what could be one of the weirdest food combos ever—the peanut butter and pickle sandwich. 

The recipe for this abomination that must have been invented by a pregnant person was tweeted by the New York Times, whereupon part of the internet freaked out and turned away in horror and another part (a much smaller part) started to drool. Apparently, people DO eat this!

The peanut butter and pickle sandwich recipe (which is 100 percent not a joke) is ridiculously simple—what it is is exactly what it sounds like. Just slap some peanut butter on a slice of white bread, add a bunch of bread-and-butter pickles (not dill), another slice of bread, and you’re done. 

The tweet about the sandwich was captioned, “Consider this less a recipe, more of a prod in a direction that you never considered,” but, as a lot of people pointed out, there are a lot of roads that should definitely remain unexplored. 

The link points to an article written by New York Times book critic Dwight Garner, who claimed that the peanut butter and pickle sandwich was his favorite. Describing the sandwich as a “thrifty and unacknowledged American classic,” he waxes rhapsodic about the “vinegary snap of chilled pickle cuts…against the stoic unctuousness of peanut butter.” 

Um, okay, dude, but still…ew. 

People couldn’t help but make fun of how phoned-in the “recipe” seemed in the first place. 

And Twitter, for the most part, also seemed to think this sandwich sounded like a culinary mistake. 

But there was at least one person who stood up proudly as a PB&P lover. 

And someone else had tweeted a picture of one of these sandwiches, saying that a girl in his English class eats them. 

So look, if you eat and love peanut butter and pickle sandwiches, just know that you are not alone. There are others like you out there. Don’t be ashamed. Just please, I beg of you, and no judgment meant, keep your disgusting sandwiches away from me. Thank you kindly. 

h/t: Twitter: @NYTimes, Thrillist

Dean Altman

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.