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Woman Says Her Boyfriend Has Hundreds Of Pics Of Her Dad On His Laptop And Twitter Has Questions

Families are complicated. We all have our issues, grievances, and battles. However, finding hundreds of images of your father on your boyfriend’s laptop is more than just a “complicated” family issue.

Through the Twitter account @redditships we learned that’s what this 21-year-old woman has been trying to make sense of.

The account is popular on Twitter for pulling the best — eh, maybe that’s not the best word? — posts from Reddit’s Relationship and Advice subreddit.

The user with the predicament used a throwaway account, or an anonymous account created for the purpose of posting personal details.

She began the post with a little background on the situation.

My bf and I have been together for a year. We live together and he has a couple of laptops – one of them is a personal one which I occasionally use.

A few days ago I opened his laptop which wasn’t shut down and it opened a photo album. My dad was on the thumbnail so I clicked on it. He had hundreds of photos of my dad. (For the record, my dad has lots of pics available online due to his profession, can’t elaborate further)

Confused by how many images he had of her father, she confronted her boyfriend, who gave a vague answer.

I asked my bf about it and he simply said that it’s for “research”. I asked him what he’s researching exactly and then he said that he can’t tell me because it’s “confidential”. I told him that it’s very bizarre and worrying that he has a ton of my dad’s pics on his personal laptop. He just gave me a weird smirk and said “whatever you think it is – it’s the opposite”.

She brought it up again, but he still wouldn’t explain the images of her father.

I feel like I’m in the twilight zone or something. His complete nonchalance, the way he’s not even bothered how it comes across. We talked about it again and he said that he understands how I feel but shouldn’t be worried

After reading the story, Twitter users began speculating why he had the pictures.

There are explanations that seem perfectly reasonable, and even sweet.

And then there’s the ones that are a little more imaginative, shall we say.

In the post’s comments, Twitter users added screenshots of conversations with OP and fellow Redditors to give more context around the story. OP admits she did ask if the images were for something special, like a milestone.

Nope. He said the photos were for his “personal use.”

OP also shares her boyfriend’s interactions with her father are typically normal. The only odd memory that stands out to her is that he asked if her father bought her a particular toy drone when she was little, not knowing how he knew she had the drone. Seems pretty innocent overall.

But in the comments, she admits she brought up the topic with her father and his response was just as bizarre as her boyfriend’s.

A day ago, OP gave Reddit an update on her situation:

My bf refused to tell me anything. He just said that I’m worried for no reason and that I need to trust him. I don’t trust him. In fact I feel like I don’t recognise him at all. He’s behaving so out of character these days that it’s actually kind of scary. Even his mannerisms seem different.

I packed my stuff while he was out and moved to my friend’s place. Although my dad agreed with this idea, he panicked when I told him and said that I should’ve informed him before I moved. He doesn’t want me to reply to my bf’s calls or texts. He still won’t tell me what’s going on. He’s currently in a city several hours away (on a work related trip) and even told me not to call him about this issue and to talk in person.

In the comments, she mentioned she just realized “something scary” and elaborated when a user asked what it was.

I’m convinced that I met my bf when we were kids. I have a reason to believe that he knew who I was but pretended that we had never met before. I don’t know how to explain it but I believe he’s faking his entire persona.

She then goes on to connect the dots between her childhood and her boyfriend’s “tabula rasa” tattoo.

My bf has a small tattoo on the back of his neck, a Latin phrase (‘tabula rasa’). When I was little I used to visit my aunt and played with a boy at the playground. He had no parents but a woman was with him. She explained that phrase to me. I always thought they were both odd. (Btw my bf lost his parents at a young age)

So I connected the dots and don’t think this is a coincidence. Also explains why he always seemed slightly familiar to me. I’m convinced he knew I was that little girl from the playground. So why did he pretend that we had never met before?

I’ve been doing some research on that phrase/his tattoo all day but found nothing. I don’t know if this phrase is affiliated with any organisation or agency. I don’t even know if it’s meaningful at all

He has been calling me non stop but he’s creeping me out and I don’t trust anything he says.

Anyway, don’t worry about me! I’m safe

Glad she is safe and putting up appropriate boundaries because this whole situation is overly suspicious.

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