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Woman Says She Found Cameras And A Creepy Secret Room In Her House

TikTok is full of interesting stories of all genres, but Spooky HouseTok is very popular. People love showing off the secret dungeons or weird holes built into their homes for no discernible reason.

It’s no wonder that this TikTok from 18-year-old Annabell Mickelson took off. The only problem is that the more popular it gets, the more she’s being questioned.

Mickelson just moved with her family into the Arizona house and claims that it was previously the home of a drug cartel.

In the TikTok montage she explains that they were suspicious of a particular wall:


Because on the other side was a mirror that couldn’t be moved:


So they cut through the drywall on the other side:


And discovered cabinets:


And wires, which Mickelson thinks are for cameras:


She also says that the mirror was two-way, implying cameras were set up inside the wall hole to film people through the mirror. 


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She captioned the video, “I’m a little scared!”

In the video, Mickelson scratches at the paint on the back of the mirror, saying that proves it was two-way. As quite a lot of people have pointed out, no it doesn’t. If it was two-way, she’d be able to look through it and see her bathroom on the other side. All functional regular mirrors are coated with paint on the back so they reflect rather than act as windows.


She is undaunted and posted more TikToks defending her discovery.


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The most logical explanation for the set up is that the cabinets were a built-in entertainment center that eventually got walled up when it went out of style. That is less fun, though, so she can stick to her story if she wants.

If you’d like to know what a real two-way mirror looks like, here’s another TikTok with tips:

Someday, you might really get to see one.