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Now You Can Buy Leggings That Make Your Butt Look Like A Corgi Butt

Everyone knows Corgi butts are the cutest butts on Earth. No other creature’s butt can compare to that adorable, furry loaf of bread. But do we need Corgis on the butts of our leggings? 

Etsy user PrincessNuggetShop thinks so. They also think Corgi butts should be on mugs, pillows, phones and more. In fact, their entire shop is filled with CORGIS!

Yes, fluff butts everywhere. The shop is a Corgi-lover’s dream.

via Etsy

While PrincessNuggetShop has plenty of quality Corgi items, it’s the blue leggings with the corgi butt on them that has gotten people’s attention.

They are loving them.

According to the shop owner’s Twitter account, this isn’t the first time their Corgi butt leggings have gone viral. They also shared the idea for the leggings came from a joke with their parents.

The leggings come in size small and medium and cost $54. On the product page, there are many positive reviews with people sharing their leggings. It’s really adorable.

Corgi butt leggings review

Corgi butt leggings review

Last year, a Twitter user loved their Corgi butt leggings so much they created a gif of them.

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