Zookeepers Are Sharing How Animals Are Acting Differently Now That There Aren’t Any Zoo Visitors


“I take care of fish, but mostly jellyfish. The jellies don’t give a single f*ck. It’s been nice for me though because I can turn most of their display lights off so less algae grow and I have to do less scrubbing. My actual fish don’t care. The beluga whales were screeching at the cleaning crew the other day which was hilarious. I don’t work with the whales but it seems like they enjoy, or are at least interested in, seeing others around.”—fuscescens


“Horse trainer/Barn manager here. My farm has 46 horses, about half are privately owned and boarded with us. Like most farms across the country, we are completely shut down to all but essential staff. The horses are mostly pretty happy to eat, hang out, and do horse things. We keep our horses turned out 24/7, which helps them remain healthy, happy, moving, and socializing. They are starting to lose muscle at this point, with being worked/ridden.

Months or years of conditioning just disappearing by the day. But it will come back once they are all in work again. But I can tell that they are missing human interaction. My personal riding horse was giving me the cold shoulder yesterday, probably because of the lack of attention. I have been trying to give the boarded horses extra attention, I am sure their owners are missing them terribly right now. They all seem to lean in a little more when I brush them these days. .”—fleshcoloredbanana


“The majority of our display birds could care less; however, our birds that do flights outside or routinely meet guests and do more interactive behaviors with the public have definitely noticed and they are not cool with there being no guests around. Of course, I can only guess, and while this is a bit anthropomorphic, I don’t think they understand the change and seem somewhat hesitant to enter a new environment (to them) as we try to maintain their behavioral skills. One of the macaws who is also excited to fly is now always looking around. Pretty sure she expects for 50 to 100 people to be watching her.”—PizzaLinter 

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