People Are Sharing The Most Cringe Wedding Moments They’ve Witnessed (13 Stories)

Weddings have a reputation for getting very away from us; an entire industry banks on the fantasy of this being an impossibly special day.

Redditor u/ajlposh asked “What’s the cringiest thing you’ve seen a bride and groom do for their wedding?”

And it comes as no surprise that the answers are, well, horrific.

1. The Themed Wedding

“I worked at a banquet hall and witnessed a fully NASCAR-themed wedding. In the end, we had to call the police because the bride in a gown climbed over the bar to steal more alcohol after we had closed the taps. And the event was over.” -neverzen

2. A … yikes dance number.

“Groom ‘Dirty-Danced‘ with his stepmom (full hands on ass).” yet_another_dave

3. Surprise! You’re Married!

“The bride told her mom she was going to an engagement dinner. It was the wedding.” ilikemrrogers

4. The Cheapest Set Up

“Potluck wedding with no alcohol or music. Groom kept showing people his flask and bragging about it. Macaroni was the only redeemable thing. But when I went to scoop it, there was hair in it.” IcedCoffeeAndBeer

5. Up, Up, and … Away?

“The bride took three hours to appear. After the ceremony, she and her spouse went up in an air balloon. The marriage did not last a year.” OphrysAlba

6. “Stand By … Your Mom.”

“At the reception, the groom and his groomsmen sung an awful a cappella version of ‘Stand By Me.’ The worst part: He wasn’t even singing it to his wife. He was singing it to his mum.” crunkasaurus_

7. Break a Leg

“My sister broke her knee doing the Cotton Eye Joe.” deleted

8. The Ex Wife

“I was a photographer for a wedding where the bride was marrying a man with two kids from a previous relationship. I was in the bridal suite when the bridal party was getting ready and all of the bridesmaids had matching silk robes. The flower girl (groom’s daughter) was there too.

They asked me to take a group photo of the bridal party, and one of the women in a silk robe was standing awkwardly to the side. I thought she was just shy or something, so I waved her into the photo and the room got dead silent. And the bride was like ‘Oh no, we don’t want her in the photos,’ and glared at me like I should’ve known that. She was the groom’s ex-wife and was there to take care of the flower girl.” lilsebastian17

9. Absolutely Heartbreaking

“The bride got drunk and sat on some other dude’s lap for two hours and flirted with him, while the groom sat by himself at the head table with a defeated look on his face.” Samhamwitch

10. Juul Pods

“The bride and groom asked their friends to save all their empty Juul pods and throw those as they walked down the aisle, instead of rice.” marble-falls

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