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15 Things That “Feel Rude” But Really Aren’t

Do you sometimes feel that in your daily life, you might appear rude for doing totally ordinary things? I used to remember going to a department store and just repeating the word “sorry” over and over again while walking through what felt like the perfume gauntlet. There was no reason I should feel bad for rejecting every scent in the store, but I still felt rude.

On Reddit, people are sharing the things they worry appear rude when in reality they aren’t—and I can relate.

Basically, we can all work on establishing boundaries and saying “no” when we don’t feel like hanging out or talking or doing someone a favor. It’s not rude to assert yourself, whether that means correcting someone who mispronounces your name or leaving the party early to get a good night’s sleep. 


“When you’re at a craft fair or farmer’s market or some other outdoor event where people have a bunch of tables set up to sell their wares, go up to a table to check out what they’re selling, and walk away. Either you don’t like what they have, or they’re selling their nice soaps for waaaay too much money. They are looking at you this whole time with this happy, expectant look on their face, like ‘This is it, I’m going to get a sale!’ Or worse, when you ask them what they’re all about, and they go into this long pitch about their thing, only for you to realize that you’re not interested. I always feel like a complete asshole for going, ‘Yeah. Well, okay. Bye!'” — IllyriaGodKing


“Leaving a party/function early, or even at a reasonable hour. A lot of people take offence if you leave before the end and it’s a drag.” — EddieOfDoom


“Not being available 24/7 despite being reachable 24/7.” — Chippah716


“Passing people who are walking really slowly. ‘Ope sorry, just going to squeeze by. Sorry. Sorry about that.'” — agbmom


“Asking for money that is owed to you. It seems awkward and rude but it really isn’t, or at least shouldn’t be.” — Cindy-A-McCoy


“Not being able to do favors for someone when asked.” — EmbarrassedZebra


“Ending a conversation with someone who is legit trying to commandeer your time.” — boujeebadassbitch


“Calling out of work when I am sick. Most act like I’m faking it so makes me feel bad whenever I need to due to medical issues.” — Stressmonster


“Saying no to anything.” — curiousbutneedshelp


“Not hanging out with people because you are tired.” — JDubs234