OB-GYNs Are Sharing The Most Bizarre Questions They’ve Gotten From Pregnant Patients


I do ultrasound. When I was a student, I did a rotation at a small OB-GYN clinic. One day, a woman and her husband came in for a pelvic ultrasound. They had come to see the doctor because they were having trouble conceiving. They said they had been having sex regularly for almost a year, and had not gotten pregnant. My instructor asked the patient if she was on medications (standard question). “Only my birth control pills.” In a year of trying to get pregnant, neither she nor the husband had thought maybe she should stop taking her birth control. tolkiensghost


Not a doctor, but was over at a friend’s house and heard a girl talking about how she heard if you eat the stems from weed then you won’t get pregnant. She announced her pregnancy a couple months later. Discord_Chat


I’m a midwife. I was booking a woman at the beginning of her pregnancy and she wasn’t exactly pleased about being pregnant. I asked her if she was sure she wanted to continue the pregnancy (there’s no point me booking her if she wants a termination). She starts ranting about how it was the soft drink’s industry’s fault and how she’s going to sue them. I was pretty confused at this point and asked her what she meant. She informed me that she had been washing her vagina out with cola following sex and that she must have bought a bad batch, as she was now pregnant. victhemaddestwife


Dad was a high-risk OB-GYN. Once had to argue with a woman that her daughter emphatically did not get pregnant from swallowing. Despite her protests that her daughter was a virgin, to which my dad replied he was only aware of one previous virgin birth in history. spacemanspiff30


My dad was a GP (he retired about 10 years ago). He had a couple—lovely people, very young, a bit unworldly—come to see him to discuss their failure to conceive, about 30 years ago, when I was 10 or so. He was bright enough to ask what they were doing in bed. They had BOTH somehow come to the conclusion that what was needed to make a baby was penis/belly-button contact. I have no idea how anybody was getting any satisfaction, or how on earth they kept believing this after doing it once—it must have been a horrible experience. He explained (literally) the facts of life to them, and on coming home had THE TALK with me and my brother, just in case we were also stupid. The couple in question ended up with two kids. Good ol’ Dad. centopar


I had someone I was really good friends with tell me the jumping-up-and-down trick after sex was as good as condoms. SurakiDK

And we saved the best for last:


Can she really come out of my butt? More_storytime

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