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College Student Accidentally “Lubed” Classmates With What He Thought Was Hand Sanitizer (7 Pics)

Starting college as a freshman is daunting enough as it is when there’s not a global pandemic. The anxiety of finding your classes and making friends has been taken to a whole new level, though, for kids going away to college in the age of coronavirus. And for one unfortunate NYU freshman, this meant accidentally offering lube to a handful of classmates with what he thought was a mini bottle of hand sanitizer.

Andrew Huang, 18, recounted the whole mortifying experience in a TikTok post, which eventually went viral. “I found someone’s unopened bottle of lube lying around and I thought it was hand sanitizer so I grabbed it and put it in my bag,” Huang writes in the video’s caption.


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Later, while walking to lunch with two students he had just met, Huang says he offered them both what he thought was the hand sanitizer, and then—to make matters worse—three more freshmen behind him also asked if they could have some hand sanitizer.

It was only after Huang and the others realized that the liquid was oily that he checked the bottle and realized his mistake.


Huang later told BuzzFeed News that because NYU’s school color is purple, he “thought that it was some sort of NYU-branded hand sanitizer bottle.”

“I genuinely thought it was mine and that it just fell out of my bag or something,” he added. “I always usually carry hand sanitizer in my bag so I assumed it was mine.”

However in a strange twist of fate, once Huang’s TikTok went viral, a couple of his “lube victims” reached out on social media and he’s genuinely made some friends over the embarrassing incident.

“I became close friends with Terrance—one of my lube victims—after the whole incident, and then I met my friend Jonathan through Terrance. And then I met my friend James through Instagram. He DM’d me after finding my TikTok and then we started hanging out, and he then introduced me to his friend Riley. Eventually, all five of us started hanging together and that’s how the group was created.”

Huang added that had it not been for the TikTok video, he wouldn’t have met his NYU friend group. With any hope, the group will stay tight through college and beyond, because this would make one heck of a best man story someday.

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