Woman Shares The Crazy Story Of Her First Tinder Date To A Crematorium

When you go on a first date with someone you meet online, things can go really well or really poorly. You never know what you’re in for when you’re going out with someone you truly know nothing about. Most of the time, people will discuss that there was just no “spark,” or no “connection,” between them and their date—and, it’s not really about the place they go to. Except, one woman, who reported that she went on the wildest and crazy first date with a Tinder match and, I’m gasping for air over this story.

Twitter user @itssraych shared the story of her friend, Bridget, after she was complaining about a Tinder date she had gone on. Bridget said she had one to top it and, yeah, she really did.

Bridget said that her Tinder date had told her to wear a “black dress” for their surprise first date. But, it wasn’t to a restaurant or a movie—they went to a crematorium.

And, it wasn’t just a random day there, it was his grandmother’s funeral.

She felt bad leaving, so she stayed for the service.

She also found out that he and his girlfriend had broken up only a few weeks before, and he needed a “filler” for the funeral.

And, Twitter couldn’t breathe.

Yes Sinny, I totally agree.


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