zoom fails

14 Of The Best And Most Embarrassing Zoom Fails—So Far

Everything in life is online now and the apps that allow us to see one another during classes, meetings, and general hangouts are reaping the rewards of this pandemic. One of the biggest success stories is Zoom, a chatroom that has gone from almost no one having ever heard of it right to being central to our lives. Zoom is so popular that Zoom backgrounds are trending on Twitter. People are delighted by everything they can do with the app, since there’s nothing else to do at all.

But we are still not acclimated to the fact that people can see everything that’s happening on camera. You might think people would get the obvious—you are being seen and heard, unless you turn your mic off. If you get up, people will see what’s on your bottom. If you take your shirt off, people will see what’s under your shirt.

So why are folks still doing those things? Well, we’re in our own homes and there’s nothing like quarantine to make people a little bit too casual. It might take a while before folks understand how the private has become more public than ever. That means there will be even more Zoom Fails as this goes on. Here are the best right now:

1. A stats class raps sesh

2. Broadcasting a break-up conversation

3. Advertising your blunt rolling skills

4. When the boss can’t un-potato herself

5. Pantsless men wandering in

6.Forgetting everyone’s in the bathroom with you

7. Flashing the masses

9. Ending up in the wrong class on the other side of the world

10. Ripping a bong for an A