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Here’s How People Are Experiencing “Meal Time” During Quarantine: It’s Always (31 Tweets)

Most people are not sure what to do not they’re unable to go outside and do any of the non-essential things that usually make life enjoyable. The introverts are okay, but everyone else is slowly going mad. The only way to keep the feelings of brain-damaging boredom at bay is through structured activities. While some have managed to give quarantine days a functional schedule, a lot of folks seem to be breaking their day up by when they eat. Which is all the time.

If you’ve been having trouble sticking to a healthy or even slightly restrained diet, you’re not alone. Snacks in the cupboards are disappearing faster than toilet paper off the grocery store shelves. People eat their midnight snacks at noon and breakfast at 3 am. It’s meal anarchy. It might feel terrible to never stop eating, but it feels worse to stop.

At least know that you are absolutely not alone. Below are some of the most relatable tweets about the quarantine binge. We’re all in this together. “This” is the kitchen.