Woman Finds ‘The World’s Worst Straight Dude Tinder Bio,’ And It’s Unintentionally Hysterical

There is no shortage of Tinder horror stories

In fact, the sheer variety of ways men have found to be horrible to women online is a testament to their creativity if nothing else.

There’s the dude who sent a woman an appalling list of “improvements” weeks after their one and only Tinder date (these included: weight loss, cosmetic surgery, and showing more cleavage.) There’s the guy who matched with a girl on Tinder for the sole reason of bullying her over her weight, and the guy who—unbeknownst to his date—tricked her into going to his grandmother’s funeral, and there’s also every single on of these enormous douchebags.

Men who kick off the conversation with a dick pic, men who kick off the conversation requesting nudes, men who open with a neg, as though they’re still in middle school—the list goes on…and on…and on…

The worst, though, are dudes who list requirements for the type of woman they seek. Crude and just plain mean criteria that reflect far more on the guy writing them than on the women reading them.

Twitter user @TheDreamGhoul on Wednesday found such a man, calling his bio (not inaccurately!) “the world’s worst straight dude.”

Take a gander:

This man implores potential dates to “Do the math!” before listing behaviors/activities/traits that either add or detract points.

Two points off for ‘rude’??? Oh the IRONY of it all!

The bio was widely enjoyed on Twitter, where both dunks and questions abounded.

His points system was confusing for many who couldn’t figure out how to be simultaneously professional and ratchet.


Also, “only do put a face on” ???

One Twitter user even managed to go toe-to-toe with dream ghoul for the actual “world’s worst straight dude tinder bio” title.

“I’m only focused on outer beauty” — hey, at least this bro’s honest!

Anyway, here’s to hoping these lads get exactly what they deserve.

h/t Twitter