21 Of The Greatest Clapbacks To D-Bags Who Couldn’t Take A Hint

It’s no secret that men are pretty clueless, well a good portion of them are at least. This is why politely trying to shut down a guy you’re not interested in (or just one who’s acting like a total D-bag) isn’t always effective. Take the hint, dude, and leave me alone.

Fortunately, there are plenty of clever ways to clap back at creepers that will leave no room for confusion. Just take these phenomenal responses from badass ladies, for example, and you’ll see what we mean. 

1. Be very literal:

2. Always assume there’s food involved:

3. Sometimes they make it too easy:

4. Beat them at their own games:

5. Pull the dad card whenever possible:

6. Don’t be afraid to be a savage:

7.  Hit ’em with some facts:

8. Use gifs and photos to get your point across:

9. Photoshop can be a powerful tool:

10. Shut down the sexy talk: