annoying parents

People Are Sharing The Trivial, Petty Stuff Their Parents Get Wrong That They’re Unreasonably Annoyed By

Remember when you were growing up and your annoying parents would say some sort of nonsense (sorry, it’s true!) to you that always just bugged you even though it was totally innocuous — something that you always had to correct or just ignore, even to this day? People on Twitter are discussing just that. And wow, there are some really, really funny parents out there.

There’s just something about those things your parents say that make you die inside, just a little. Like you have a tiny little knife poking into the side of your body. It’s just annoying. And you wish it would stop, already (even though of the plenty on the Twitter thread said they actually missed it once their parents were gone). 

The thing is, they’re our parents—and they’re probably never going to suddenly decide one day that every single gaming system isn’t simply called “a Nintendo” and that diabetes REALLY AND TRULY isn’t medically called “diabeetus”—but such is the world we live in.

So, here are some of the out of control gems out there that will also probably make you laugh as hard as we did: