Babysitters Share The Weirdest Secrets They Found Out About The Families They Work For


I found a magnum condom on one of their tables downstairs…just sitting there. They were very nice people but..okay. – dragislit


The only rule that I thought was somewhat strange was “don’t go into the basement.” Not even their kid could go down there. I never questioned it though because as odd as it was, everyone has their quirky rules and who was I to argue?

We eventually moved to a new neighborhood about the time I started my junior year of high school and I never babysat for them again. But a few years after I graduated high school I found out they’d been arrested for cooking (and using) meth in that house. I guess I’ll never know for sure if that is what they didn’t want me to see down there, but it’s the most logical explanation I can think of. I still have so so many unanswered questions though. – dinglebrose


I walked into house and had to wrinkle my nose at the smell, which I later found out it was because he was growing a marijuana plant in his closet. – -Slugger


Mom hired private eye to spy on husband. – elijforthewin


Nannied for a wealthy couple, and the husband had a study that the wife joked about never being allowed inside. Well I’m a nosy f*cker, so one day I roamed around in there. It looked like a normal room with a big desk, walls of bookshelves, and architecture books everywhere, so I was kinda disappointed. But then I grabbed a book off one of the shelves and found $500 pressed between its pages… I picked up another book, and found the same thing. I checked about 10 books in total, and every single one had a stack of money hidden in it. – UsedToBeOnFire


A family member of mine was a babysitter in the 70’s. A couple who lived nearby asked her to watch their baby a few times, and every time she’d go there, they’d say the baby was sleeping and NOT to check on it… Well, my friend said that it was so weird because she never even saw or heard a baby any of the times she was there. No crying, no noises, nothing. Today, she wonders if there was even a baby at all… – Girl-Here


The family I babysat for had a locked room in their basement. I opened it out of curiosity one day, and found a LOT of Nazi stuff inside. – FireTrick


I baby sat a lot when I was 13-15. At the time I lived in a small town. I was a very popular baby sitter as I also worked at the daycare centre. Often I would have kids from two or three different families at once. I didn’t care I got triple the pay for having three different groups of kids. I was recently told why I always had groups of kids like that. Turns out the small town had a swingers club and I was the go to baby sitter for their different groups. – MissPiggyK


I opened the bathroom door, and there was the mom, half naked, with a guy that wasn’t her husband. She gave me all the money in her wallet and her business card (she was a photographer) and told me to never speak of it again. I caught her cheating and made out with $400 and a $650 photo shoot package (took pictures for all the upcoming holidays so I could keep giving gifts to my family). I babysat them for about 3 months after, before they moved away. – throwawayyyyyyyyy126 


When I was 13, I used to babysit for my neighbors’ three kids, and one day the 7-year-old asked me to get a toy from her parents’ dresser. So I went into their room and opened the dresser. In the first drawer, there was nothing but stacks of cash. I thought, ‘Weird, but not my business.’ Then the little girl pointed at the second drawer and said, ‘Oh, don’t open that one. Mommy says it has bags of sugar in it…’ Well, after she got the toy from the right drawer and left, I took a peak in the second drawer, and sure enough, there were several bags of cocaine right there under the socks. itchinandburning

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