People Are Sharing The Dumb Stuff They’ve Seen Bros Do To “Prove” Their Manhood (25 Stories)

C’mon dudes, what’s the deal?

Why, from the time they’re in middle school ’til the day they die, must some men find ways to “prove” their manhood? It’s 2023, toxic masculinity just isn’t cute anymore (if it ever was).

Women truly don’t care about the stupid stunts some guys pull to look like a man’s man, in fact, we’d much prefer you not. Just know that doing this stupid crap is one hundred percent for your fellow brosephs so you might as well just grab the ruler, pull your dicks out, and measure already because we, as in the human race, are over it.


But if there’s no stopping it then we might as well call it out and have a laugh.

Redditor u/CarsonFijal asked the gentlemen (lol) of Reddit: What is the dumbest thing you’ve ever seen a man do to “prove” their “manhood”? and the answers do not disappoint.

Here are the funniest most ridiculous ways men have admitted to proving their manhood.


“Jump off a balcony onto an uneven, rocky hillside. The first time he did it, he only got a few scrapes. Second time, he broke his leg and wouldn’t admit he needed medical attention until 24 hours later when he passed out from the pain.” –Iomplok


“Snort paprika.” –WembleyToast


“Uh, a friend in Florida told me about their Florida man who saw a manatee laying the edge of a river. Seeking to show off, he decided to jump from the bank above, 4-5 feet up, and try to land on it’s back. What he didn’t know is it was dead and bloated. He basically pierced it in the center landing on the bottom of the river. When he stood up to scream it was all over his face.” –mrstipez


“This one kid at my old school ate a bee to prove he wasn’t scared of them.” –Perivoid


“Light his balls on fire.” –OkImIntrigued


“Get branded.  EDIT: Fraternities do it, my ex has 2 brands on his pelvis and one on his chest. His frat bro has 24, including his tongue. Others find out too late that they don’t scare like normal they keloid. Which is like a bubbly looking scar tissue growing over where the brand was supposed to be. He had to have surgery to remove it, turned green & puss-filled while healing and left with huge ugly scars.” –EuphoricRealist


“Refuse to say the word “selfie.” Dude called it a “selfos” because “selfie” sounded too girly.” –LizardPossum


“Light his arm on fire, with lighter fluid. He had to have skin grafts.” –DanIsSwell


“Had two buddies have a competition to see who could look at someone welding for the longest. Both of them didn’t show up to school for a week or so.” –awhhh


“I remember a local fought a crocodile once to get a girl’s number. He lost, but somehow the girl still agreed to a date.” –Gh3rkins