People Are Sharing The Dumb Stuff They’ve Seen Bros Do To “Prove” Their Manhood (25 Stories)


“Light his leg on fire with Axe body spray and sustained 3rd degree burns as a result. We all just talked shit how stupid he was. But he wanted to show us how… Dangerous he was. It was funny I will say that. I did laugh until I fell to the ground. Because he panicked and flailed after he lit himself on fire and jumped over a fence for no reason. There was absolutely no reason to jump a chain link fence to put out a fire. Then he complained for like 2 weeks how bad his leg hurt. Like no fucking shit dumb ass.” –Derick_Ruhl


“Shit his pants. He wanted to show he was a real man by farting and well, it wasn’t just a fart.” –FBI-AGENT-013


“Purposefully get kicked in the nuts.  I remember when I was in college, frat boys played this game called Rochambeau, where two guys squared off and each took a turn kicking the other in the nuts. Whoever lasted the longest, “won”. ” –locketine


“I knew of a dude in the Army that dangled his testicles over a fire ant hill in Ft Benning, Georgia. Those fire ants will kill a mouse or a lizard instantly. He was hospitalized for a long time and did not finish training with us.” –Barry_Boots


“Trying to outdrink his friends. It just turns into a bunch of dudes all drinking more than they can handle and ruining their night and sometimes ruining everybody else’s night, too.” –adhders


“The “I’m not cold” guy, and his cousin, the “sunblock is for pussies” guy. The former likes to stand around outside in the snow in just a t shirt and shorts, making fun of men dressed properly for winter. The later thinks ‘real men’ aren’t afraid of sunburns or skin cancer, and ridicules men that use sunblock. Both are equally stupid.” –MedusaStone


“I hate to say it about the man in my own family but it’s the truth and that shoot huge firearms without earplugs, weld without a respirator, paint in the old days when house paint contained lead, lose their sense of smell because they worked in a water treatment plant with chlorine, siphon gas back in the day when it still contained lead, change oil back in the day with bare hands soaked in engine oil, break open car batteries without gloves or goggles, etc. Mind you it wasn’t intentional but my grandparents and great grandparents grew up in a time before OSHA safety regulations and have a tendency to look down on us my generation when we try to practice safety nowadays.” –YoruShonen


“Staple his leg with a staple gun to demonstrate that he “doesn’t feel pain like normal people”. Spoiler alert, he does.” –WeddingElly


“One time, we were running a mile in gym class and I was one of the few to finish first. But while I was running to the finish line a boy started SPRINTING to the finish line. He was chanting, “I’m not going to lose to a girl.” He ran passed me and beat me to the finish line by like four seconds. This was in high school, too.” –FifiClement


“I’ve worked as a bouncer. Drinking too much and picking a fight with me is way too common. And really stupid. They end up pepper sprayed and handcuffed, waiting for the police. Real manly looking.” –Nigelohell



“Jumped into the a pool when I didn’t know how to swim. Learned how to swim out of sheer will that day.” –Hibcoolness_


“Smashed his last remaining testicle with a bottle. He had lost the other one in a water-skiing accident.” –psnWaikato


“Got someone pregnant to prove to his ex that he wasn’t the cause of their miscarriage.” –mitsuha2013


“Buddy of mine and I were in a hot sauce store as I’m a bit of a connoisseur. I can take quite a lot of spice but I know my limits. My buddy was trying to show out and he asks to taste the spiciest stuff (which, by the way, requires you to sign a waiver. He does okay for the first like two minutes. But then I start to see panic setting on as he’s sweating profusely, pacing and spitting. He abruptly disappears for like 20 minutes. I’m assuming he was puking his spice laden guts out.” –eyearejon


“Knew a dude who said “oven mitts are for pussies” and then proceeded to grab a hot pizza tray out of the oven bare handed” –PeacefulOnion


Jason Mustian

Jason is a Webby winning, Short-Award losing humor writer and businessman. He lives in Texas with his amazing wife and four sometimes amazing kids. All opinions are mine and very dumb.