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People Are Sharing Stories Of Someone Actually Objecting During A Wedding Ceremony (25 Tweets)

The idea of someone yelling “I object!” at a wedding is a centerpiece of so many romantic comedies and dramas, but does it ever happen in real life? The tradition was never really meant for people to declare their love at the last moment anyway—it’s for folks to object on legal grounds, like if someone is about to commit bigamy or marry their own brother.

Now, people have to make sure none of those things are happening BEFORE the ceremony begins. Some ceremonies don’t even include it anymore, but ceremonies are hard to shake.

wedding objections, wedding objection, wedding objection stories

Writer Elan Gale asked his followers if any of them have ever actually witnessed someone taking advantage of that moment to cause some mayhem:

One person shared that in Australia, supposedly if you disrupt a wedding without just cause you have to pay for it, so clearly a lot of people have been tempted to do it without a good reason (besides horniness or something):

And that turned out to be true. There were a LOT of stories. Many of them involved alcohol. Few people were actually listened to, unless cheating was involved. I think Australia’s rule is fair: if you’re going to cheat with a  bride or groom and then break them up, do it before they’ve lost their deposits on the catering or be forced to pay for it.