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Men Are Sharing All The False “Myths” About Manhood They Hate (24 Male Myths)

If you’ve never lived as a man, you might be unaware of some of the stereotypes the gender lives with—and that you might be perpetuating. On r/AskReddit user navisnadakkal asked, “Men of Reddit, what myth about men is 100% untrue and infuriates you when you hear it?”

The dudes had a lot to say about the matter because they’ve been living with it all for so long. Below are all the most annoying assumptions men feel they’re met with on a regular basis. Some are kind of funny, some are kind of sad, but all of them will make you think about what male stereotypes you’ve been putting on the men in your life. Or yourself.

male stereotype

1. Parenting

I hate when I hear from someone when I have my kids and my wife is working that I’m “babysitting”. It drives me insane. I don’t babysit. I’m raising my kids, I’m not a volunteer or a hired hand. Ugh.—FlaFlaFooey

2. Sexual Manipulation

That we only tell women our feelings to coerce them into bed. Like, “Wow, how new and amazing this relationship is.. im so glad I found you” That is uncomfortable vulnerability not some sort of plot. —juanstamos21

3. Multi-tasking

‘Men can’t multitask.’ Every time I hear that I have to stop what I am doing so I can get angry —insanebabyd

male stereotype

4. Sex Thoughts

“Men think about sex every X amount of seconds.” I’m a grown man with a life, i have more to think about than just sex. —Nicholas-Rage

5. Erections

Erections mean we want sex. Even as adults, they can still be random. —libertyprime17

6. The Package

Me having big feet only means that I wear big shoes. And seriously, what makes girls think they can just come up to you and ask about it? —ecodrew

male stereotype

7. Super Powers

If you expose us to radiation we gain superpowers. In reality this has only happened a few times and most men would just die. —LonelyPauper

8. Liking Kids

That if we like children but don’t have children of our own we’re automatically given at the very least a little grilling, if not straight out asked if we’re a pedophile. I like dogs too, for pretty similar reasons. Nobody ever asks me if I’m a dog f*cker. —Jimmiejackson

9. Abuse

Men can’t be abused by woman —Bujair1

10. Wedding Planning

That we’re all not interested in or incapable of being involved in the planning of our weddings.

I cannot tell you how many comments like “Remember, it’s her day, not yours!” I received during the 2-year lead-up to our wedding. I’m not going to lie to you and say I’d been looking forward to getting married since I was 12 or something but I took an active interest together with my wife in the planning of our wedding. “It’s not my day, it’s hers?” F*ck that. It was our day. We planned it together. Her vision definitely brought it all together and she did a f*cking astounding job, but she didn’t just make decisions on her own, we talked together about and worked together on every single thing involved in the event; and we were both ecstatic with how it turned out. It turned out beautifully. I try not to toot my own horn very often but I never thought the best party I’d ever go to would end up being my own! —LeanMeanWeenMachine